April 11, 2010

A different kind of art....

So as I may have mentioned I am a foster parent. One of my fosters, as I refer to them, LOVES LOVES LOVES to have his hair "spikey" and he LOVES different colors dyed into it. So far I have limited him to "faux hawks" and ONE color. Yesterday he was begging for something different and...well.. why not? He is 5 and it will grow out right?!

You can't really tell but one side of the top is green and the other is blue and the back is red. I also don't usually shave his head..he LOVES IT though so it was worth it!

I had to sneak pics of him because part of his past trauma was having pics taken and it is trigger for him so we don't take many pics of the kids or even use the camera around them.

Oh and the other thing that happened this past week, I was rudely awoke to what I thought may have been an air invasion of some sort. So I look outside and this is what I saw:
That is a helicopter literally right outside my front door. I was a bit fearful to breathe the rest of the day not knowing WHAT it was they were dumping out there but, oh well that is the price you pay when you live amidst wholesale nurseries I suppose. It just would have been nice and neighborly in my opinion to inform us it was going to happen.

And finally....I received some lovely things in my mailbox. I have a busy week of baseball  starting as soon as I get off the computer, but I wanted to share what is coming up when I get back. I can't wait to play with them!

Have a GREAT week everyone!!!


  1. How funny that he wants his hair to be so crazy! Another way for him to express himself! I'd love to hear more about your kiddos!


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