April 4, 2010

I have arrived

WELCOME to my corner of the internet!

Okay so I am a bit behind the times and am just now getting around to a blog. What can I say I am a busy person.

Please realize this is a work in progress and I will be refining and defining what I want this to become. For now my goal is to take you on a journey with me as I explore all the wonderful techniques involved in papercrafting.

You will no doubt be amused by my antics and sometimes my stupidity, but hey if you can't laugh at yourself....

Feel free to leave a comment :)


  1. Welcome to blogspot! Can't wait to hear more about your paper crafting. When my twins are 25, maybe I can pick my hobbies back up?!? Here's hoping!

  2. I'm always amused at your antics! Can't wait to see you documenting them!


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