April 6, 2010

I MADE something....

Just so you KNOW. Yes, I really do MAKE stuff in my little crafting space.

I started this journey back in late November when I was cleaning out one of the fosters closets and I came across a very large quantity of paper, crafting tools,  and Creative Memories items that I had carefully packed away when moving from our OTHER house. (Three years ago this July 1st)

"Hey," I thought to myself  "why don't you dig out all this stuff and work on making a craft space for yourself!" 
"Self" I replied..."you are a brilliant person!" (Yes I do often talk to myself; if you had my husband and fosters YOU would be mostly insane too!)

So also about this time my daughter sent me back the baby bug (the original Cricut Personal Cutter) I had gifted her and said she didn't really have the time/space to use it. Little did she know she was creating (or rather unleashing) a monster. She sent me like hmm 5 cartridges and all her paper and supplies she had accumulated. Now I love my daughter, REALLY I do...but I think my husband wants to have a talk with her "privately" about Mom's obsession-like quality that is often sparked by some small mention of something one of my daughters says or does. Hey crafting is in my blood, really and literally!

So I set about acquiring "things" from Craigslist (gotta love a brother with a truck! damn him for selling it) and lo and behold with his help (my husband has got to be the MOST unhandy person I know. LOVE him to death but being handy isn't one of his finer qualities)  We get the room pretty much set up the way I want it (after countless rearranging) and the result is shown in the pics from last post. We won't talk about how I had to work around the black out drapes I had JUST purchased and how they didn't REALLY "go" with my intended color scheme for the room, and my obsession to acquire ALL the cricut cartridges...no lets not mention THOSE things.

So yeah...back to the REAL reason for this post. I MADE SOMETHING.... my mom and step-dad bought me the CuttleBug I HAD to have.  Of course the one that matches my blue  limited edition Expression that was released a mere week after I purchased the green one..but again I digress... they bought me a gift and I thought it only appropriate to send a THANK YOU card made with my own hands using the tool they acquired for me (further enabling my obsessive quest to MATCH all my ProvoCraft toys)

Whew..are you still reading this? If so BLESS YOU!

Here is the card I made for my 'rents:

Thanks my TWO whole followers for reading along and humoring me! Luv ya Shelly and Lola!  Oh and BTW Shelly, you have ADORABLE twin boys, just adorable!


  1. I LOVE your card. Makes me miss my card making. I really WILL get back to it. Someday!

  2. I found this other blogger who loves cricit (did I spell that right?) You should check her out- her cards are ADORABLE!

  3. Your card is great. So is your craft room, very organized. I signed up to follow you. If you don't have enough carts. I have a giveaway on my blog. Check it out! Shari (cricutrookie)

  4. Delurking! I added your blog to my Google Reader a few days back but I know it's nice to know you have readers. ;)

    I am in awe of your über-organized craft room and that card is beautiful! Looking forward to more posts! :)


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