April 5, 2010

Where do I craft?

I am working with rather limited space.
What? you say, but you live in a HUGE house?!  Yes, I do live in a big house, and it REALLY did seem big when it was just my husband and I, but alas...I had empty nest syndrome and decided to take some little chicks into my nest and thus the fosters took over all that "empty" space. Now my crafting has been relegated to the guest room.  This serves a couple of purposes....first and foremost I am VERY anal and tend to get a bit obsessive about things (more on that later) This allows my husband to somewhat limit my obsessiveness. He limits my crafting to whatever I can fit into THAT room and since he knows my desire to be neat and organized far outweighs my NEED for more paper and "things"...it works Another thing is that is keeps me from redecorating the WHOLE house over and over. Did I share with you yet that my husband is a smart man?  I digress..on with the photo tour of my crafting space.....

(right side of closet)

(left side of closet)

ohhhh cute cabinet, what's inside?

Why Cricut cartridges of course!

THIS little gem is what inspired the color/decor of the room
I couldn't even take pics until I found the "perfect" bed linens to coordinate with the room and my ProvoCraft toys and uhhmm I will further admit that I have a plain ole Expression but I HAD to have THIS ONE when it came out and then of course all the other PC items came out to match IT..and well....game on!!
(I warned you, I am obsessive & anal)

Speaking of obsessive, have you heard about my paper obsession?
No? Well take a peak:
oh no that isn't all...I have more...
I have paper packs stashed in the drawers too...
I have to get busy using some of it up so I can get more more more...muuuhahahahahahHAHAHAHA

excuse me.....better now

Thank you for taking a tour of my lil crafting space.


  1. Yeah, yeah...I want to see the end result...where are the projects!!

    Really, though, I am sooo jealous and your organization is inspiring. I guess I better get busy and make use of the tiny space I have....

  2. Oh my holy everything... it's like I just saw Jesus. That was amazing!!! It looks like every crafting magazine I have ever bought. I never thought anyone ACTUALLY had a space like that. I am droooooling with envy!

  3. Love your room!!! I can relate to your obsession. I had a E as well, but when the pink came out, well, there ya go. Then I got a cuttlebug and of course the pink one came out not too much later. I of course had to have that too!!! Sandy C.

  4. LOVE this! I'm into the matching PC machines!... and of course the coordinating baskets and labels :-D

  5. Lovely room!!! can I go to scrap with you?


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