May 26, 2010

Are you ready to take a journey with me?

I think I am going Provocraft CRAZY!!!  Since November 09 I have accumulated an original Cricut, an Expression, Cuttlebug, YourStory, and alllllllllll the cartridges (minus one elusive exclusive one) that are made for the Cricut and my newest acquisition?

"But you aren't a cake decorator!" you say "You can barely cook a full meal!" You scream...well yes, those things are completely true!  I am hoping to show you, my few loved blog readers that ANYONE can make a beautiful cake and treats with a little patience and perseverance. So won't you follow me on my journey as I jump into the world of Cricut Cakes?

PLEASE feel free to leave me LOTS of feedback and suggestions of what you would like to see.  Don't worry you wont get dirty just watching :) If you are lucky (and I am successful) and you live close enough, I might even bring you a treat. We are going to have a LOT of cake around here!



  1. Ummm, so Logan & Jack's birthday is coming up (June 7th is their party) and I wanted to make them individual little cakes for eating in their high chairs... maybe they could be your test run.
    Our theme? Under the sea...
    Let me know!

  2. Yayyy this is awesome!! I have a love of decorated sugar cookies... The kind with the icing that looks so glossy and perfectly even. And then has an initial or peacesign, or something small in the middle. I've never tried to make any, but maybe now you've inspired me to try!

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Show us everything...the beautiful creations and the not so beautiful....let us learn with you :)


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