May 6, 2010

Last minute "Tweets"

So at the last minute tonight I decided to send "treats " to school for the foster's 7th Birthday. My mom always made some extravagant cake that everyone in the whole school ohhh'd and ahhh'd over. I don't have my mother's creative cake skills and lucky for me you can't bring anything to school anymore that isn't "store bought" so...

I whipped up these little packets and put a Rice Krispie treat in them and a flower DumDum outside.
I made 30 of them in all differnt color combinations.
I was too lazy and hurting too bad to have the Cricut do the writing.


  1. I really like the sucker/flower idea!! So sweet of you, I bet your little girl loved handing these out!

  2. Very cute! Another special memory made.....


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