May 4, 2010

Saturday crafting.....

Sorry the pics are blurry. I am having problems with my camera :(   And serious problems trying to find the time to spend in my room but I did try to do a few things on Saturday for National Scrapbook day. Funny..not a thing I did was scrapbook related.  Oh well. If you haven't checked out My Pink Stamper you SHOULD, LOTS of great tutorials and sometimes there are even GIVE AWAYS! Who doesn't like something for free?! But better than that you get to "hang out" with a bunch of fabulous crafty people and share ideas and inspiration.

My youngest foster is READING...the boy is a sponge. Anyway he is always wanting a book mark because he sees me and Brian use them. The other night he read me 14 books back to back! Smarty pants that he is.

One challenge was to use your LEAST favorite cartridge. I used one called Store Front because it is all about Cricut and Provocraft, so it really isn't very useful in the "real" world. I made an invitation for someone to come craft with me.

Challenge: Use a monochrome layout and add a flower. I made a card for a friend that just bought a new house.

Felt lollipop flowers in a paper "vase"

The oldest foster's birthday is Friday. We can't really have a party for her sooooo...I am sending her to school with treats for the classmates and this to wear. Can you guess how old she will be? She is all about the pink and the bling

This is for my grandson Ethan (we call him Roo) In a couple of weeks he is moving from NJ to Seattle and they are DRIVING across country. When they get here I am going to give him this book I made for the last couple of hours in the car. Inside is blank pages he can color and a pack of crayons and markers velcro'd to the cover. I laminated the covers to make it more durable. I also realize I need a binding system.
What is it with the NW and all these "baskets" for fundraisers?  Both the kids school have asked for an item donation for a basket raffle. Theme for one was "For the Gradener" so I crafted a 3D box with a flower garden inside. There is a GC in the garden and the farmer girl is on the outside.
It slides open so you can get the GC out.

So yeah nothing fact I am kind of disappointed in my lack of time to make things look nice and really do what I had in my mind. But part of the challenge was to complete each project in an hour and do one an hour. With the fosters being up ALL night the night before (we don't sleep much at my house anymore) and all of us cranky that day it just didn't pan out for my best work.


  1. I'm up here near seattle (just north of it!) and we LOVE those baskets! I think it's because it's more fun to get a baskjet of goodies instead of one thing. :-) Love your projects, and it sounds like you're doing an amazing thing, and taking care of some very lucky kids!

  2. Not your best work?!! You are SO talented. I admire your dedication and attention to detail!

  3. Kymberlee, your monochromatic card is beautiful and the garden box??? Oh my's adorable!

    Please try to get a pic of the little princess in her crown. Wish I could be there. You do such a great job with the kids!!


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