June 17, 2010

Are you ready for some more CAKE?

Shhhhh...can you keep a secret?   I decided to make a cake for my twin daughter's step mom. Hmmm were you following that one?  Yes, I like her and besides even she is over him now. Anyway...she is having a birthday and is local to me so I thought I would help her "celebrate" We are taking it to her this evening.

The vision I had in my head was for a pink and white monochrome cake. I thought I would give the Cricut Cake Frosting sheets a whirl. So off I go to gather my items after I baked and frosted a cake with buttercream.

Ohhh I am so excited I can hardly stand it, how about you?!

Well my excitement quickly turned to frustration when I couldn't get the frosting sheets to cut. First I tried medium speed and medium pressure....nope it didn't cut through the sheet. Okay so I will try again on high pressure and medium speed using a new sheet....nope it crumbled completely and nothing was usable. So I think that maybe I just had the frosting sheet out in the air too long and lets try ONE more time...FAIL!

Okay I am really frustrated now and bit mad since those sheets are NOT CHEAP! I HAVE to get the cake done so I decide to go with my old friend Cricut Gumpaste...it worked for the last cakes.

Here we go again.....

So I pop it in the freezer for 20 minutes and then try to cut it since that is what worked last time. Didn't really work out too well this time.  So I re-roll it and try again...nope :(
I decide to wrap it and let it sit overnight as this was a tip I found on YouTube.... so while it is "curing overnight" I start watching YouTub videos and teach myself how to make some gumpaste flowers.
It was a long day and I am frustrated so I put the cake in the fridge and will get back at it in the morning.

Fast forward to a long SLEEPLESS night with the fosters and here we are back at it again.....
The "cured" gumpaste isn't working either :(
Darn it I NEEEEEED to get this cake done and I am about to throw it AND the Cricut Cake out the window. So I am determined to make this work. I go get MORE Cricut Cake frosting sheets.
I got through three packages messing with the settings and trying different things...NOTHING is working and I got get MORE frosting sheets and all they have at this store is brown....hmmm okay. I can do a brown and pink cake (on white buttercream) At this point I just want to get a decorated cake!

This is my last attempt with the Frosting sheets as I now realize I am well over $100 into trying to make this work. RIDICULOUS!!  I am frustrated with myself and the fosters are having a bad day...not a good combination but my husband got up and entertained them so I can work on the cake.

Okay now I am so frustrated it is becoming FUNNY to me.  I did get a few cuts to actually come out. It was very tedious getting them off the sheet but....I rescued a few and got them on the cake. Then I start playing with the few flowers I made watching YouTube and before you know it I actually have a cake done.  It was seriously wayyyyyyy more work than I was anticipating and my learning curve semed to go backward this time around. This isn't at ALL the cake I had envisioned and it looks ratty and not so great but...it is done and here are the results:


  1. As I was reading this, I could just imagine you saying and doing this all. It was great. Put a smile on my face. :D
    I like the cake!

  2. Yeah..it was a bit of a PITA!
    Paula liked it and that is all that matters...the frustration was worth it to do something nice for her.

  3. It's pretty, but, Oh my gosh, I would have resorted to icing and a piping bag long before the third bout with the frosting sheets!

    Thanks for sharing the journey!

  4. So where did you come up with the brown designs on the sides of the cake? I see you used your Gypsy....did you combine them from several designs or are they one design from a cartridge?

  5. Becky, I used Pink Journey and Gypsy Wanderings


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