June 21, 2010


So I made not ONE, not TWO but THREE more cakes over the weekend. Where are the pics you ask?...well.....still in my camera where they will stay until I erase them next time I pick it up. You see, I had a cake wreck weekend and I am not so proud of them so I am not posting them. Instead I have decided that I need to give my Cricut Cake a bit of a vacation. I mean hey it IS summer, right? If you live anywhere near me you wouldn't KNOW this based solely on the weather. My calendar DOES however, say this is the month of JUNE and it is quickly evaporating at that and melding into July all too soon. So I want to focus a little more on my PAPER crafts and do some more blogging as I learn. I am sure you wont mind...we need to watch that overindulgence anyway ...right?  Soooo onward and upward as we resume the paper crafting journey!

So while you are making memories with your families in the coming weeks, think about how you will remember them, which parts do you want to preserve?  While you are lounging around at the pool, think about a plain piece of paper and what you might be able to SAY with it. Sure you may be surrounded by family and dear friends, but what about your neighbor, someone in your church, or a stranger in the nursing home Aunt Betty is in?  Could you make their day bit brighter by sending them a lovely handmade greeting? How about making some note cards to keep in touch with those relatives you kind of lost touch with? Or a special note to your spouse or kids tucked under their lunch?  THOSE are the things I want to explore with you this summer.  Lets take a minute to give a bit of ourselves to others around us....

Come on everyone...dust off those glue guns and lets get to crafting!!

If you have any special requests or suggestions I would LOVE to hear from you.

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