July 18, 2010

Hope...is the best part of our riches.

This is a card I made for the Cricut Circle Creative Escape contest. The cards are to given to people with Leukemia and Lymphoma.

This wasn't an "easy" project for me to complete. It took WAYYYY longer than I had anticiapted simply because I took the time needed to reflect about my own journey with cancer.
I thank God for my blessings and the experiences he has brought me through. While I sat and pondered about what kind of card to make, I also thought about my own battles and what got me through. The answer (besides faith) was HOPE...and HOPE is what I still cling to today for so many areas of my life. When I was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease, my kids were little and I really wasn't sure that I had it in me to fight. I did and made it through...then years later a devastating diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor with a very slim survial rate....I will spare you the details and anguish I faced but suffice to say I had HOPE....
~ to see my kids grow, marry and eventually have grandkids (I now have
~ to spend my days loving and being loved by a wonderful man (we just had our fifth wedding anniversary)
~ to somehow give back and spread that HOPE to others (I have been a foster parent for more than two years)
~ to spend time getting to know the wonderful ADULTS that my children have become
~ to continue to look for ways to always LIVE life to the fullest and take in each and every moment I have been blessed with

And in making this card I HOPE that it will bring a little light and HOPE to the person that receives it. So as I share this card with you today I also want to share with you a little HOPE.

Materials used:
tan cardstock
tan dotted swiss cardstock
self adhesive jewels and template from the Garden pack
butterfly border die cuts (walnut)
Provo Craft -
French Manor
Calligraphy Collection
Misc: gold thread, stickles, ink pad


    1. Wow, I had no idea that you were ever sick. I'm so glad you're ok and that you won the battle!

    2. Oh My - Sweety, I'm so glad you are so positive. I almost lost my hubby three times last year and his staying positive helped him get better. God is good!!! I absolutely love your card. Is is beautiful! God Bless you and your family.


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