July 13, 2010

It's like walking on hot coals...except you eat 'em

So this past week I helped my sister in law make a scavenger hunt for my brother. What a great way to use the CRICUT and alas use my cake! We used the Cricut to make a puzzle and each piece had a clue to find the next. Once all the puzzle pieces were found he had to assemble it and turn it over for a riddle for the final destination on the back. At the final destination we were waiting along with a special gift his wife had got for him (an alienware computer) Sounds fun right?!

 I decided that I would just buy an ice cream cake and decorate it myself. So the day of the blessed event was when I realized that you should not EVER under ANY circumstances completely cover an ice cream cake in FONDANT! What was I thinking?!?

(meh not such a great pic but it really LOOKED nice, except for it melted all over)

It went on smooth and looked really nice but....uhhmm hello how are you going to CUT that? IT IS A FROZEN CAKE!!! I am sure it didn't help that when I took the cake to our destination the waitress put the cake in the FRIDGE instead of the freezer as instructed and well....ice cream soup in a hard shell. Oh well lesson learned and I didn't get any pictures. If my sister in law took one I will post it, but suffice to say it was a mess. But what a great end to a FUN scavenger hunt and SURPRISE for my brother and my poor husband who also did the BW3 BLAZIN' CHALLENGE!

On a side note - Congratulations to my brother Mark on not only his employment but his PROMOTION!! Way to go Mark and thanks for putting up with my silly idea of the BW3 challenge, hope you can eat again or feel you mouth, soon! Poor guy had to do the challenge to get his "prize"

Thanks Shelley for sharing your phone pics :)

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  1. What a great time... and yes I do have a couple of photos of the cake and the puzzle that I'll send along for you. Thanks for your help on the project, I'm now obsessed with crafting and can't wait for my next project! (Oh yeah, I'm loving the Cuttlebug and have already expanded my die and embossing library)


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