August 22, 2010

Good News/Bad News

The Bad news is...
My computer is on the fritz and I dont have a back-up.
I won't be able to participate in the blog hop I signed up for.
Nor can I host/help with the Cricut Cake giveaway as planned.
I am unable to do much with my blog due to limited uploading abilities.

The Good News...
LOTS of time to get projects done (in theory)
You wont have to read my blog for awhile
I'm still planning on giving away the Cricut Cake
My computer is still under warranty
I have a smartphone so I won't be totally in the dark. WHEW!
I WILL be back as soon as it is repaired with LOTS pics.

Until then be good to each other and show some love to my blogging friends on the right.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh no!!! I'm bummed. I LOVE reading your blog and looking at all your creations. I ALWAYS get inspired... Can't wait to have you back.



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