August 8, 2010

EVERYONE should know CPR/First Aid

Have you ever had to use CPR or First Aid?  As a healthcare provider it comes with the job, but I have had to use CPR in the community WAYYYY more than on the, in fact as others stood around helpless. It was a stark reminder - EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW BASIC CPR!!!

ProFirstAid - Workplace Adult, Child, and Infant CPR/AED & First Aid

Do you need First Aid or CPR training? You can do this from the convenience of your computer. NO MORE EXCUSES of "I don't have time to take a class" or "There is nothing convenient by me"  Complete videos and testing at your fingertips at the time you choose. You don't even have to complete it all at once.
Need more incentive? DISCOUNT CODE: CPR-PaperMidwife-BLOG

Who is ProFirstAid?
ProFirstAid is a nationally recognized online e-learning company offering lay rescuer/general workplace CPR & First Aid certification and training.

Can I Learn CPR/First Aid Online?
The CPR and First Aid training videos follow the latest American Heart Association, OSHA, and ECC/ILCOR guidelines with a blended online/hands-on certification program that is nationally accredited and accepted.

If you are currently certified with Red Cross, AHA, American Safety Council, ASHI or Medic First Aid, you are welcome to utilize the program and receive a new, two-year ProFirstAid certificate.

To Encourage all of my blogger friends to become CPR/First Aid Certified I am doing a giveaway -
If you ARE CPR/First Aid certified post a comment here telling me WHO you are certified with and a way to get in touch with you.  If you are NOT currently certified and use the link above to get certified you will receive a BONUS if you are the randomly drawn winner.
ONE Random winner will receive 2 cricut cartridge storage boxes - (blue, peach, or green)
If you are NOT a cricut user or don't need the storage boxes, then I will give you a $20 PayPal credit or GC (your choice) in lieu of the Cricut Storage boxes.
**If you are in the Circle you will also receive a BONUS :)
*** If you point to this post on your own blog or Facebook page you will get an additional entry AND a BONUS! 

Remind everyone you know to either get certfied or take a refresher - YOU or someone you love's life could depend on it!!
I will post the winner here next weekend to give people time to do the online test - so get REFRESHED and LEARN CPR TODAY!!!
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  1. I am so glad that you feel the passion for this enough to make a post and a giveaway. My hubby is an instructor for American Heart Association. He retired as a firefighter/EMT but wanted to continue teaching CPR. I am surprised how many people do not know CPR. I don't need the storage boxes..just wanted to stop by and say hi and thank you for such an important post :)

  2. Hi my name is brenda, and i work in the human service field, i currently work with mentally challenged adults. We are required to have first aide and CPR, and i do , i am certified with the red cross, i have not had to use the skills they have taught me in five years, but should the situation ever arise, i am ready and willing.


  3. I'm an Rn and just did my recetification last month. I luckly have never had to use CPR, but it is a great thing to know.
    krisandcody2u@ comcast dot net

  4. I have a state registered in home daycare so I also have to saty trained in CPR/infant included & first aid. I am so thankful that I have not had to use it, but I am glad that I do know how if I needed it.
    I am a Circlet Sister. :) Thanks for posting this.

  5. I, too, am certified as I work in the school district. I need to be recertified this October. What a great idea to raise awareness.

    thanks for the opportunity,


  6. I am CPR certified...have been for many years. I am a nurse since 1978. I did CPR many times over my years as a hospital nurse, many times were years before they came out with all of the protective gear they have now. Nice topic!

  7. I am cpr certified. I am a RN and have had to use my skills in the hospital where I work. I fortunately did not need to use them in a local store when a 3 year old girl collapsed with a febrile seizure. Fortunately there was also a EMT there. We handled the situation until the ambulance arrived. Knowing CPR meant we could have saved that girl's life if required. Everyone else around was freaking out and could not have helped. I urge everyone I know to learn CPR, especially if they are around children. TrinaPomerenke P.S. I am a fellower circlette.

  8. What a great blog idea. I am a Paramedic, thus CPR is a must. I have done CPR well over a 100 times and have had a dozen saves. I think everyone should learn CPR, by the time an ambulance can get to you most times it is too late to recover pulses let alone brain function. ABCricut

  9. I am certified and certified through both American Heart and American Red Cross to instruct. I think I will take a look at the link you placed here.



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