August 2, 2010

Shhhh...can you keep a secret?

I have been working every chance i get on a project that is turning out better than I hoped.

I can't show you photos however, because the said project is a gift for a blog follower. Soooo just a sneak peak.

This week I am taking a much needed break to spend some time with my husband and visit the sights and sounds of BeeBoo and Roo in the magical adventureland of "Close to Home"
(Translation = I am visiting my twin daughters and grandsons on Bainbridge Island)

When I return home it will be time to GIVE AWAY "Rosso" - the Cricut Cake!!
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  1. What a teaser you Whatever the peek looks awesome! Have a wonderful break with your DH and family!

  2. You so deserve a break. Enjoy those adorable grandbabies of yours. I am inspired and LOVE keeping up with what you are doing on your blog. keep up the 'work'.

  3. Your work is beautiful!! I am in awe of your good heart and willingness to take on two children and try to give them a good start in life.Liz:)))

  4. Oh, you ARE having fun, aren't you? whatever it is, it looks beautiful. I love detail shots!

    Been missing you. Seems like we both got busy in opposite directions. The new look of your blog is very elegant!


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