September 29, 2010


Okay well "I" am not home but my computer is with me....wherever I am. It was delivered today as we were packing up the car. Have you ever wanted to seriously KISS your UPS man?  I think he recognized that twinkle in my eye and he put the box down and BOLTED!

So remember that sneak peak from awhile ago? Well it was a scrap book I made for my daughter who has ran a few 5Ks and is trying to get motivated to get back into running. Soooooo here it is. I made a page for EACH of the races she has been in. Unfortunately since I had no computer I had to give it to her without pics and ask her to print out her own pics to add later :(

I should probably apologize now for the crappy pics. ALL of them were taken with my cell phone. My foster's get a little wiggy with the camera due to past abuse/trauma so I haven't been able to bring the big camera out much at all.

I also decided to tear apart my craft room and move stuff around and finally SORT MY PAPER!!!  Big HUGE job that I will not do again...EVER! (well until the next time)

I got them all sorted and put onot this spiffy huge paper rack I got on Craigslist. was time to get ready for BACK TO SCHOOL, and one of the foster's teachers actually said I could DO something..she wanted a sign for over her door and gave me free reign:


Oh yes I had some creative fun while my computer was away. But my poor husband also had to wait on something he dearly loves.

And wait he did because it was away JUST as long as my computer.





"EMMY" is a '65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback Coupe. She is my husbands first love (and current mistress). She had to go get her "guts" fixed so she can see the town again. She is actually a dark emerald metallic green, thus the name "Emmy". She will be getting new "shoes" more on her another time.

Not all things made it home safely throughout the month though. 

I collect these "Blue Sky" porcelain vases and this one I bought from eBay and it got damaged in shipment. Since I couldn't access my eBay account from my phone, I couldn't let the seller know it got damaged and make a claim :(

Oh is kind of that way sometimes.

Last but not of the fosters had a BIRTHDAY and requested a
"Lightening McQueen" cake

So I get it all nice and then I didn't take a picture. Then we drive to the coast and well.....fondant apparently doesnt travel well. It drooped and sagged and generaly melted and looked not so great. Lesson learned!
This is after the drive:

Ohhh G girl got a NEW OUTFIT!!  I am now on the hunt for some black and white ribbons to spruce her up some.

(I also got the Cuttlebug Quilling Sets)



  1. That scrapbook for Kari is amazing! What a sweet idea!
    And that cake with the pearls, it's beautiful and looks delicious!

  2. The blue cake looks did a great job! Love the scrapbook pages, lots of detail...what a work of love.

  3. Your cakes are beautiful, and I am so jealous of Kari's scrapbook!

  4. Love it all! That cake looks wonderful! I bet he loved it!! And what work went into the scrapbook pages... you're so talented (I feel like I say that in all your posts, but its so true) :-D Glad you're back!

  5. Wow, the scrapbook is amazing! Very rich and appealing. Makes me want to see the pictures!

    The cake is perfect and I'm sure he loved it! How much did he eat and how long did it take to come down off the sugar??? LOL


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