October 30, 2010

Let's revisit my Craft Room, shall we?

Ugh...I am really running out of room. I NEED to get rid of the bed in my CRAFT room. I am thinking it is time for a murphy bed.

Anyway...I have been adding to my "toy" collection and it is really becoming cluttered.  Well here see for yourself.

Yes my closet is FULL too...1/2 is a 12x12 paper rack and the other half is cubes full of embellies

This is where I store my paper scraps. I don't recommend one of these, the drawers fall off track easily

Cardstock, felt and odd sized paper organization
The huge box is from my Imagine and I ran out of box storage

I ran out of room in my shuttered cabinet so my Imagine carts are on their side in the wall unit above the TV

 This is how I store my seasonals  and solutions cartridges

What I would LIKE to do is empty the room, paint it and put in a laminate floor and then build wall to wall cabinets with counters and a work table in the middle. Unfortunately my husband thinks we still need a guest room :(

This is what I am talking about!!


  1. OMG Kymberlee!! That is sooo organized!! Maybe on one wall you can do the murphy bed and one the other wall you can do the "murphy table". That way both fold up!!

  2. I love your idea of the murphy bed. That room design fits your personality!... and still definitely counts as a guest room!

  3. im definitly jealous of your space, my current project is cleaning and organizing our craft room/future baby room. still havent unpacked most of it from when we moved in, and there is still wedding craft stuff everywhere. this is great inspiration.

  4. Dude! You have more supplies than a store! I wish I was crafty like that....furniture I can do, not so much with the ribbon. WOW!

  5. I am absolutely beyond jealous!!! lol I am a newbie and just starting to collect. I am trying to finish christmas cards and don't even have enough of anything, including cardstock! I would feel like I died and went to heaven to spend a day there! Someday once the last kid is out of college I can get more. Right now I would so love something to emboss like a Cuddlebug... just drooling over your collection. I think I will hit the sack, I can dream that your room is mine!
    :o) Take Care!!!


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