October 21, 2010

Sometimes a weed is just a weed. Sometimes it's....


Sit back and grab a cup of your favorite beverage...I am about to take you on a journey on to how my mind works when I am creating.  Be afraid..be VERY afraid!!!

I have been making these paper flowers for a bit now. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them exactly but I was sure that something would inspire me and my vision would be clear. Imagine my surprise when a Cricut Circle blog featured these quilling kits to make the very flowers I was working on AND the challenge was to use the VERY colors I was quilling with.  YES!!!!   And you thought I was going to make another cake!! HA!  Welllllllll......actually I WAS, but, well that didn't quite work out. I digress, back to my apparently wandering mind and spark of creative GENIUS!! Too much? Yeah I thought so.

Soooo I am browsing my favorite blogs with Google Reader (if you don't use this you SHOULD) and I come across the blog of a local gal that I absolutely ADORE and she is having a get together that is a fund raiser and inviting her some of her BLOG READERS!!  Waahhhooooo am I ever glad my computer made this timely appearance back home!  I am telling you this lady is INCREDIBLE, she is like our own local Martha Stewart only BETTER and what she is doing is just right up my alley. Mummies Night Out is a Fund Raiser for Prayers for Megan a young woman and new mommy that is fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Please click on the link to read her plight and if you are so lead, donate.  So in reading about Mummies Night out and Leigh Anne's blog I see that she is asking for businesses to donate some give-aways. While I am not really a business I did feel compelled to  see if I might be able to donate something I make...ahhh yes those FLOWERS I am quilling.

Are you still following me here?  Okay good...sometimes I just get SO chatty ;)  So while working in the yard..okay you caught me I wasn't working in the yard I was watching my HUSBAND work in the yard pulling weeds, vines and tall grass and I was sitting on my butt playing with the kids pumpkins they had gotten on a recent outing. Suddenly the texture I was seeking came to me...I now had an idea and a PURPOSE (uh oh do you smell something burning?)  And THAT is how my mind works....



Ohhhhh You want to SEE what I made?!

My pictures aren't so great but it is a grass woven pumpkin I affixed my quilled flowers to...and then I further embellished with ribbon, glittered leaves, felt leaves and a few jewels here and there.

I think it will make an adorable centerpiece someone can take home with them on Mummies Night Out.

And what pray tell happens to your Cuttlebug B board when you makes HUNDREDS of quilling cuts on it?

Yeah I will be looking for a sale to get me some new ones real soon.

Thanks for reading and humoring me! 

Waiting for my blog followers to drop like flies now that they KNOW how my mind works ;)


  1. You made me laugh out loud while sitting here drinking my coffee and reading your post. I love what you made..it's very cute! and thanks for the morning chuckle!

  2. It's beautiful! Thank you so much for donating it to Mummies Night Out and for your support. Can't wait to meet you at the party!!!

  3. you're too funny! and the flowers are amazing. nice work :)

  4. Wonderful. So pretty and what a wonderful centerpiece that will last and last.

  5. This is INCREDIBLE!!! I love making those flowers . . . they are perfect on your beautiful pumpkin!

  6. That is gorgeous! You are so talented! Where did you find the long boards at? My M's doesn't carry them, nor does OMC. You did such a beautiful job; you're so creative... and such a sweetheart to donate your project to what sounds like a wonderful cause.

  7. oh my....those flowers are so gorgeous! What can't you do? enjoying the journey with you...thanks!


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