November 22, 2010

Where have YOU been?

I realize I have been amiss in not posting on my beloved blog.  I am sorry.

Last Sunday I took the fosters, my grandsons and their parents to go see YoGabbaGabba Live!  We didn't think we were going to make it due to one of my grandson's scheduled surgery. As luck would have it the surgery was rescheduled and we MADE IT! However, my daughter in her infinite wisdom wanted to stop by the mall on the way and have lunch...long story short, they all made good food choices and me? Not so much!  I made it through the performance and ride home without a worry in the world but as soon as I got home ....BLECH!    I was so ill all night Sunday and up into Tuesday when I finally stopped vomiting. Started feeling better by Wednesday and then sick again and I decided I should seek medical care. It has been rough, but, enough complaining.
For now I am focusing on continuing to feel better and I am asking everyone I know that has FACEBOOK to please
in Lemarr Woodley's ProBowl Challenge. You can vote ONCE EACH DAY un til Dec 20th.
 I promise if I get there to bring back something awesome for another giveaway!

Part of the contest is that Lemarr has to be voted into the ProBowl so....if you are a football fan don't forget to  cast your PRO BOWL votes...and vote for Lemarr Woodley
if you aren't a football fan and want to vote anyway

NFC - DEFENSE - OUTSIDE LB - LeMarr Woodley (Pittsburgh Steelers)
scroll to the bottom and click - Submit Ballot


  1. I voted... though I have no idea who for and for what purpose.... :-p Just followed your directions!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Just for you dear..I will vote! :)
    Hope you are feeling better!


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