November 3, 2010


I am in the market for some new markers so I decided to check out my fellow crafters blogs and see what is hot and who has tutorials on what and lo and behold I stumbled upon the mother load of all blog giveaways!!

Also since I am visiting other blogs and that is what I get 99.9% of my creative inspiration and learn all sorts of amazing new things, I thought I would pass on a few GREAT sites. ANNNNNNNND one last thing....if you have a hard time remembering to visit sites and you haven't tried it MUST use Google Reader! My internet blog hopping is so much simpler since my daughter turned me onto the joys of blog indexing. LOVE IT!!!

So now on with my CRAFT and BLOG recommendations:

Getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays?
How about some QUICK and EASY PEASY felt craft projects?

Have an Imagine and can't QUITE get the hang of it and need help or maybe even some inspiration?

How about some help with your Gypsy or some great tutorials?

How about some FUN projects and a perky personality?

How about some YUMMY recipes and Portland area style?

Live in the Portland area and want to become a Foster Parent? Or just get more information?

Gosh, I didn't realize it was so late. I have to get to bed I have a very busy day tomorrow..errrr later today!

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