December 13, 2010

The BEST Birthday yet

First I want to thank each and every one of you. You made my week so much fun and it just FLEW by. I got a lot of good ideas for the direction of my blog and I promise I WILL start posting more. My goal for the New Year will be to post one good and very informative blog post each week.  I will leave the daily posting to the pros like Tammy, Robyn, and all the other bloggers out there who have given of themselves to share their time and talents. Please visit all the sites in that list over there to the right, just grab your favorite beverage, settle in and start clicking. We all learn differently and there are so many differnt teaching methods with these wonderfully talented women. There are a few men out there too.

Don't be afraid to try new things. Go out of your comfort zone. Whow knows, you may just discover some cool new technique to teach and share!

I also want to say "THANK YOU" to the folks over at for the savings code for my blog followers!  I am told you can use it for a couple more days through the 14th. Today is the last day of their "Best Prices of the Year" Sale so head on over and check them out. You KNOW there is something you need to treat yourself to ;)

I hope to do some more giveaways throughout the next year and you can count on my birthday next year to be just as fun :)  Ohhhh and I have already had a company contact me to offer me some goodies to give away next year so PARTY IS ON and RSVP's are being accepted, just FOLLOW me!!!


So what are you still doing here?  


You want to know who won the Cricut Cake?!

Beth, send me your mailing address and I will get this thing out from under my feet and into your hands :)

If you see a blog or something I night be interested in or have a suggestion for me please let me know

Also if you ever find yourself in the Portland, OR area with time on your hands, let me know.
I would love to meet up and grab a beverage or a meal and maybe even craft together!
(and yes that REALLY is the sign for my exit)


Thank YOU so much for taking the time to read my blog and share your thoughts and comments. I truly appreciate it.

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