December 6, 2010


What did I get done today? Absolutely NOTHING!  I went to bed at 6:30 PM and had a "nap" and now I am going to do this and go back to bed!  Lazy bum that I am.


Jamie,please send me your mailing address and I will be getting you out your felt on Monday 12/13. THANKS for stopping by to help me celebrate my birthday!

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Everyone who left a comment will be put in for the drawing on Sunday 12/12 for the Cricut Cake, this includes you too  Jamie :)

How about more fun with FELT? 
This is a pattern by my mother who is a professional craft designer.
Apparently there really IS a craft gene

This is a quick and inexpensive way to make your home festive.

To Make Pillow:

1) Cut white felt to 32” x 13”.

2) Bring 13” edges together in the center overlapping by 5½”. Fold under top edge 2½”. This will create a 13” x 13” pillow.

3) Turn over and mark center of White pillow on both sides. Inside mark is now your show side for the poinsettia flower. Unfold and set aside.

To Make Poinsettia:

1) Cut 6 Red 6” x 6” squares.

2) Cut 3 Kelly Green 6” x 6” squares.

3) Cut 4 Yellow 2½” x 2½” squares.

4) Fold Red 6” x 6” square side corner to center overlapping. This makes the petal. Now sew and gather tight through the corner center fold and knot off.

5) Fold, sew and gather 6” x 6” as above.

6) Fold the 2 6” x 6” red squares bringing side corner to center. Sew and gather through centers. These are center petals.

7) Trim off excess material from the Red and Green petals being careful not to cut gathers.

8) Place Green leaves on center mark of white pillow in a triangle. Sew centers down.

9) Place 6 Red petals in a scattered pattern over and around the center mark and the leaves.

10) Sew the 2 Red 5” x 5” petals criss crossing on top of the above petals. This makes center small petals. For a little more finished look I sewed around the "petals"

11) Hand sew the 4 2½” x 2½” Yellow squares in a gathering stitch, on the edge. Stuff with fiber fill and pull the stitch tight, knot off. (You could use an old brooch instead for more BLING)

12) Sew the 3 Yellow pom-poms to center of above petals.

13) Refold the white pillow as in step 2-3 making sure Poinsettia is now inside and centered.

14) 2½” fold is under and overlap is on top layer.

15) Pin and sew 2 sides together using ¼” seam making sure not to sew flower petals into seam.

16) Turn outside in. Push all corners to points, fluff petals. Place pillow form into pillow. Close opening.
TUESDAY Dec 7th  (Day 2/7)
A Berry Colored 6x6 album kit put together by ME :)
My LSS store is closing so I went in and coordinated a bunch of Basic Grey papers
along with some lace paper and a BUNCH of embellies so you can design your OWN
winter themed mini album

Remember you MUST be a follower and leave a comment for a chance to win

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