December 8, 2010


Here we are at the midway point!!

Remember in the first post when one of my things was to pay attention because I may ask a question you need to answer?  Welllll...this was one of the reasons why.
I am giving away BOTH the organizers from yesterday and I was trying to do it in a way that I could do two drawings, one for each color so.....IF you mentioned the color you would like if you won, I drew that way.... and my husband picked the number. That will teach you to read my crazy posts!!

The winner of the BLUE organizer is:

The winner of the GREEN organizer is:

THANK YOU ladies for following my blog and taking time to enter to help my celebrate!! 
PLEASE send me your mailing address so I can get your prize in the mail on Monday Dec 13th.

Are you guys having FUN?  Even though I am not getting a darn thing done, I am really looking forward to checking my blog at night and giving stuff away!!

Today I want to answer a few questions that people have asked me.

Q: What is up with the Paper Midwife name?
A: Well.....if you read the description you will see in the definition of midwife it says "a person or thing that produces or aids in producing something new or different" and that is what I do with paper and other media.

Q: Yes, I get it but WHY midwife?  Are you a midwife?
A:  I, in fact, am. I have welcomed many new lives into this world for many years. I am actually a physician too. I went to medical school AND midwifery school. Actually make that midwifery school and then medical school but both and NO, I am not a nurse.

Q: Are you cleaning out your garbage from your scrap room to giveaway?
A:  If you want my "garbage" you are welcome to it but everything I am giving away with the exception of the Cricut Cake is BRAND NEW and bought specifically for my birthday celebration week.

Q: What IS the story with that Cricut Cake anyway, why are you giving it away?
A:  I am a bit obsessive (hahahha no REALLY) and I have to be the first on the block to get the latest Provo Craft product and the latest cartridges. I usually buy on launch and the Cake was no exception, only I didn't love the red. Sorry if it is your favorite color it just isn't mine. So when they launched the Martha Stewart WHITE Cake...I was all over that!  So what to do with the red one?  Hmmm thought about it and tried to collaberate with someone to give it away but it didn't work out and I am tired of tripping over the box. I cleaned it up, put it in the box it came in along with all the NEW parts from the MS white one, threw in an extra set of blades and a new cutting mat and well there ya have it!

Q: I have seen you mention that you are a therapeutic foster parent. Why do you refer to your foster children and "the fosters?"  They have feelings too, don't you care about them?
A: This actually came from a "friend" on facebook and it really chapped my hide because it was asked in a not so nice way and then she unfriended me. The children that we care for in our home have had a REALLY horriffic background. They are minors. In order to protect their identities and because I signed a contract that I would not post pics or identifying information about them on the internet, I refer to them this way. They have very much been a HUGE part of our family for the past almost three years. YES, I love and care about them. It may seem cold and cruel to you, but it isn't like that. Besides, how do you know their last name isn't Foster? heh

AND HEY... I notice that some of my real-life friends are following and reading but aren't entering my give-aways. Don't be SHY...c'mon you can enter too!  If you are interested in crafting and want a nudge, enter and I can help you learn to use whatever it is. I would love to have someone to craft with every once in awhile.

So if you are still with me.... let me wake you up

Giveaway Day 4 Thursday, Dec 9th

I love you?

ONE winner will receive a $50 gift card for ebay

Hmmm lets make you work for it...ask me ONE question in your comment and I will answer that question tomorrow when I post the winner.

Don't forget to leave a way for me to get ahold of you.
You will have 24 hours to get me your address to claim your prize after you have won.

Don't forget I am taking the comments for the WHOLE WEEK to select the winner for the Cricut Cake on Sunday December 12th. If you have commented every day ON THAT DAY, you have more chances to win See my original post on Monday Dec 6th if you are totally in the dark