December 9, 2010


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY today ;) Allllll the way to the bottom...

I love giveaways.... I only enter for things I would truly like to win but I love following other blogs for inspiration and to admire all the work others put into their crafts, work, hobby,  and dedication to their families and lives. I use Google Reader to help me keep track of all the blogs I follow.

Today I thought I would highlight some of the giveaways going on that I know about. I wish I could make a swag bag for all my blog followers. I did in fact start making goody bags and...well...I was so overwhelmed with the task and trying to figure out how I was going to do it that it was literally giving my anxiety so I bagged the whole idea and decided to stick with my few items I had chosen. I hope you enjoy checking out some of the other giveaways and blogs out there. Enjoy!

Make note this one closes SUNDAY NIGHT @ 10

Are you a Dooney and Bourke fan?  Not really a Giveaway just AWESOME prices during these sales!!
Every 24 hours is a NEW SALE! 
I am so not going to admit what all I have gotten in the last 4 days... 8 days left on this one

So anyone care to know who won yesterday's giveaway?
Yes? Not unless it is you?!

The winner of the $50 ebay gift card is...

Well Lakin, It looks like you stumbled on my blog at just the right time :)  Random Number Generator picked you. Correct me if I am wrong but, I think I actually told you what ebay was and gave you a tutorial many many moons ago. If my memory if correct, then how utterly cool that you won this particular drawing! I need your mailing address, please.

Oh and in answer to your question - I DON'T have enough time to craft  or anything really and that is why you aren't getting to see much of my projects highlighted here on my blog lately. The fosters take up 90% of my time as they are truly a 24/7 job. I am really going to try to do a once a week posting after the first of the year and try to carve out more definitive time for ME on a regular basis.

Oh and how about another one?

FRIDAY December 10th - DAY 5 of 7

ONE Winner will get this lovely spanking new Gypsy Tote bag
This came with my original launch G purchase but I never used it and put it away to giveaway at a later date.
I think this is the later date!

Oh and you know since you will have the bag your G cover SHOULD is a MUST! Sooooo....
Cherry Blossom cover and a pink stylus will come along in the Gypsy Shoulder Tote. I took it OUT of the packaging so it would go into the tote for shipping :)

Inside the bag is PINK too
Don't have a Gypsy yet you say?  NO?! WHAT??? How do you live without a Gypsy?  Well have I got a deal for you...c'mere....
If you go to RIGHT NOW, you can get your very own G girl on sale for the super bargain price of only..... $89.95 but WAIT... if you order in the next 24 hours you will still get FREE SHIPPING in the continental US!!  Ohhhhh and remember that coupon code that made just for you guys my LOYAL Blog Followers?

Well that makes this gem less than $85 DELIVERED to you door!!! What are you still sitting here waiting for...go go go buy buy buy!!!

I would really like to find one of THESE to store my G in:

Anyone live near Pittsburgh and want to find me one of these? heh


I know most of my giveaways were specific to crafters but I sarted this out as a crafting blog. I promise you that tomorrow's giveaway will be of interest to just about ANYONE!
I can't wait....ohhh how about in your comment for today's entry and a chance to win the Gypsy Shoulder bag combo, you GUESS what you think tomorrow's giveaway might be!

Don't forget that you can still leave a comment even if you don't want to win the prize of the day. Just tell me you don't want the prize or something so I dont count your entry when doing the  drawing for that day but I will still count it for the CRICUT CAKE DRAWING on Sunday Dec 12th.