December 12, 2010

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday to ME Day 7 of 7

Happy Birthday to ME
Sunday Dec 12th Day 7 of 7

FYI - Random fact I was born on Frank Sinatras 50th Birthday
That information and a little bit of math will tell you how old I am ;)


Okay so for my last and FINAL Giveaway
 I am giving ONE WINNER 
my USED Original RED Cricut Cake
 Let me reiterate, it is USED

 I used it until obtaining my lovely white Martha Stewart Cricut Cake. Now rest assured that is was working perfectly fine when I packed her up AND I packed the NEW parts that came in the MS cake in the box (Blade, housing, cords and mat) as well as sanitizing the machine itself by wiping down all parts I could reach with a medical Sani Cloth. So AGAIN, this machine is USED, but you can still register it at

Now before obtaining a Cricut Cake the extent of my cake decorating was to bake a cake mix from a box and to slather on a can of store bought frosting. I didn't even take the cakes out of the baking pan. SERIOUS!!  I taught myself by watching YouTube, reading blogs and lots of patience and PRACTICE!! You can go back in my blog and see my battles and growth. Now I will admit I STILL buy boxed cake mixes, but I do make my own frostings and if I ever get that Meringue Kitchenaid Professional 600 mixer (hint hint family) I vow to try making homemade cakes too.

ALSO - it comes with NO CARTRIDGES
and if you didn't read is USED!

Soooo in order to win you must be a follower of my blog. I am going to have Random.ORG pick a number from the WHOLE week's comments including those left today. I will start my count with Monday being 1 from top to bottom.  Just explaining so you know where I am going with this and it is clear what I am doing.

I am too tired to ask anything of you in your comments so feel free to say whatever you want.   But please, can you just write anything besides "I wanna win" I even appreciate constructive criticism, honestly I do!

I will draw for this and announce the winner MONDAY Dec 13th

So have fun and tell your friends

ohh and almost have until TUESDAY to use my CRICUTMACHINE.COM PROMO CODE

but why wait they are having an AWESOME sale RIGHT NOW!