January 10, 2011

I'm not doing so good am I?

Okay so my commitment for the New Year was that I was NOT going to neglect my blog and in fact I was going to make it a priority.  Well... I'm not doing so good with that, or so it seems. Actually I have been working on some things to make my blog better. You will just have to stay tuned and see what I have in store :)

That being said here is what I have going on:
1) "The Fosters" - a "forever family" is  in store for them VERY soon and we are working to prepare them for this transition. One of the things I was asked to do by their case wroker was to get their LifeBook done by Feb 4th!!  Yikes!!  Okay so this might not be a big deal to most of you but... one HUGE thing to remember here is part of their trauma and abuse involved cameras and well...we don't have many pictures of the three years they have spent with us. This is going to be a challenge!  If someone is local to me and wants to come spend a day "playing" with all my supplies I would really welcome the help on this project.

2) Organizing/Reorganizing - Yep I am at it again in my craft room!  I figure if I am going to be making lots of pretty projects for you all to see, I REALLY need to get a handle on my supplies and have easier access to them. I have discovered that my space is just too small with the bed in there and have decided that once the fosters leave, I can use their rooms to store/move things and get the darn bed out of there to make MY ROOM really MY ROOM. I am going to do a complete overhaul I think. The problem with this is, my husband is not the LEAST bit handy and has no desire to  learn and I haven't the least bit of ability with the MS to do it myself sooooo...again with the friends. I will be asking for help with the main think being ripping out the carpet and putting in a new floor that is crafting friendly and PAINTING! The guest bed will permanently reside in one of the other bedrooms, probably the room she is currently using because we will have to get rid of her mattress anyway. (Don't ASK! Trust me you don't want me to go THERE!)

3) I have grown children...and GRANDCHILDREN!  My yougest daughter (hahaha they are TWINS so only 19 minutes younger) is a professional photographer and she is AMAZING! She has a blog and a way of telling stories with her pictures. I got to spend my grandson's 4th birthday sharing something REALLY SPECIAL with him. Here is a link to HER BLOG so you can see what I am talking about. If you are in the Seattle area and need a GREAT children's photographer, contact her.

4) Here is something YOU my blog followers can help with... my daughters in the last quarter of the year introduced me to a FABULOUS product. SCENTSY!  I am ALL about the sense of SMELL and really enjoy subtle fragrances in my home. Nothing overpowering, just a nice scent that really makes my home MINE!  So my daughter at the stroke of midnight into the New Year decided to become a Scentsy Consultant. I am trying to help her build her business and as such here is what I am doing. 
Anyone who places an order using THIS LINK will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Scentsy Gift Certificate for future use. But here is where it gets better for YOU MY BLOG FOLLOWERS... in addition to the GIFT CERTIFICATE, if the chose winner is also a BLOG FOLLOWER I will give your YOUR CHOICE of ANY CARTRIDGE that CricutMachine.com has in stock. If you are like me and have ALL the cartridges...hmmm how about a $25 credit towards anything else you want from CricutMachine.com.

I will announce the WINNER on January 17th here in my blog AND on FACEBOOK

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  1. Kimberlee! That is wonderful news about the fosters!! I am so happy for you and for them! I wish I lived closer because I would be over in a minute to help with the book and with the tearing stuff up and re-arranging!


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