February 14, 2011

Obsessive? Maybe a tad ;)

This word has recently been used in refernce to myself from a few people lately. So of course I got to thinking and well...I might be just a tad obsessive... I prefer to say I am driven ;)

Okay so things are really crazy around here and I promise some good things are coming to my blog this Spring! PROMISE! If you will just bear with my infrequent posting just a tad longer, your faithfulness witll be handsomely rewarded.

I will share more about what is going on with my personal life later, right now it is too crazy and I just can't put in the effort  as it is emotionally draining.

So what exactly have I been doing? Welllllll..... I have been doing a lot of crafty things with the fosters. We had non food treat bags to make and other gifts. We also decked out the family room where we spend most of our time. Sorry no pics, just can't break out the camera at ALL anymore around the fosters. By the time I get them tucked into bed each night I am too pooped to make another trip on the stairs.

So today I started working on my GRANDSON'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!  I have all my gathering done and I am now on to making and decorating...I hope to be able to post LOTS of pics of things in process and then the finished decor and maybe some pics of the party too :)

For now you are going to have to settle for some of my crazy obsessiveness. See when I give a gift I have to make a card that is along the same theme as the gift, and I give some pretty unconventional gifts. I kind of did low key for my husband's birthday this year...okay truth be told I totally ignored it! I rather liked having a young pup for a husband and last month he turned the big 4-0... not so young. Of course I am still older than him (by far) but still makes me realize I am not getting any younger myself. So I made up for it today by actually making HIM a card to go with his gift.

What kind of a gift goes with a weird card like that you ask?

Why a new mahogony steering wheel and Mustang Bezel for Emmy, of course! Nothing says LOVE like a new steering wheel right?
Just wait to see what he gets for our upcoming anniversary that REALLY will scream LOVE!!

Speaking of LOVE...
I promised a cartridge giveaway didn't I?  Well here is the deal. Go visit my friends at http://www.cricutmachine.com/ and come back here and leave me a post telling what ONE in stock item from their site you would like to have. I will pick ONE random post and that person will WIN whatever item is in their post. It doesn't have to be a cartridge, it can be anything on the site EXCEPT machines. I wish I could buy a new machine for everyone but I am saving up for the new E2!! You can however ask for the YourStory Bundle
Also...you must be a follower of my blog in order to win.
Thats it...oh and while you are over at CricutMachine.com take not that they are offering FREE SHIPPING to the continental US right now!

Have a GREAT WEEK everyone :)


  1. I get the obsessive title often or compulsive..mainly when it comes to keeping the house tidy (easy to do now I am minus children!)

    I love the My story bundle..I think it would be a great way to use my new Cricut (that I will wait for the new one to come out!)
    Oh this would be a fun set to win!Ohhh and scrapbooks to be made...total heaven for me!!

    stehanie32 at aol.com

  2. Oh Kymberlee I will patiently await your new posts - especially if they are related to those cute invites you posted a while ago. I know things are hard, but I hope for you that they get better soon!

    I was TRYING to stay away from that sale but since you MADE me go look, that YourStory bundle would work for me! I keep stalking Walmart to see if they will clearance them lower but no such luck!


  3. Well, if you are obsessive then KEEP IT UP!!! I LOVE your stuff/ideas/projects...

  4. For my birthday I will be going with a group of girl friends to Scrapaway in April. Seeing as how I just got my first Cricut expression for Christmas, I'd love to work on books for my 3 boys. The "Boys Will Be Boys" cartridge would really be great to have on the trip!! Thanks and I love your ideas!

  5. Since I don't own a cricut machine I'd choose a collection of papers!

    I can't wait to see photos from the birthday party. I'll keep checking back ;)

  6. Oops. I was one of those people who called you the O word! :-p At least it encouraged your blogging a little! As far as you question goes... Hmm... the Yummy Imagine cartridge looks like fun to have! It would actually give me a reason to use my I more often :-p

    Not that you would ever have to buy it for me, of course... I think I still owe you a January package! lol

    Great work on the card, and I'm sure your husband loved his present!


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