April 24, 2011

Happy Easter...quickie

The 'rents are in town and are staying with my brother first half of the trip and then I get custody and then.... we are ALL going to Vegas!!  That is beside the point. After meeting them at the airport we all kind of figured out that today was Easter and we should probably DO a family dinner. YAY US! See, that habit I have of always keeping a nice ham in the freezer DOES come in handy ;)

So I decided since I have no children here this year to make a basket for. I would do mini baskets for place settings at the table.

Here is my quickie mini baskets: (From the Easter 2010 Seasonal Cartridge)
I used STIFF glittery felt.
The felt is from New Image Group. Have to give my dad's craft company a little plug there because you really CAN cut this stuff on your Cricut.

Using the Gypsy I used multi cut (3) the deep cut blade at 6 -  
MED pressure and HIGH speed.
I laid it out this way because it is a 9x12 sheet of felt and it will pop off the mat if you try to cut too close to the edge of the felt sheet

You need a sticky mat - I helped mine using my ATG ON the mat.
I just put a line of adhesive the entire length of the mat where the felt edges were
See it works like BUTTER :)

Score just like you would paper

Glue the tabs

Make sure you use glue appropriate to your medium

Pin for a few mintues to set the hold.
Do not LEAVE the pins in or they will be hard to get out.
Just long enough to form a bond and not pop apart

Start decorating the baskets to your liking

All my pretty quick baskets

I added little cut out from "Enjoy the Seasons" made on the Imagine

Hope everyone enjoys their treats :)

I will be back later this week with the answers to my little quiz. You still have time to post your answers for a fun little drawing.


  1. Okay I need to know where to buy this felt because the last time I used some it was a DISASTER! they cam out great - oh teach me the ways of felt oh wise one!


  2. Those are SO cute! I have never tried cutting felt in my E... which all they sell around her is the cheap kind anything that you can't cut with scissors, hardly.

    I love your project. Did they enjoy them?

  3. Those are SOOOO adorable!!!!!! What a great idea!!


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