April 25, 2011

Let's get this party STARTED!!!

Just in case you are under a ROCK (actually I like my rock) you should know that TODAY is the OFFICIAL launch of the Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition- If you have been waiting to jump on the Cricut bandwagon, then NOW is the time. This baby is SLICK

Information about it is HERE
You can purchase on HSN.com

Yes, I ordered one :) I was so excited that a mutual crafty friend and I decided to have a SLUMBER PARTY. We are getting WILD here I tell you, exciting stuff :)
We are about to crack open the caramel dip for our apples..living on the edge here.
Ohhhh maybe even a glass of WINE.
In all seriousness we are being total taters just lounging around.

So if you were sitting in the edge of your seat wondering what those pictures were all about I posted last week, I am about to TELL you....

This is my grandson Bentley - he likes to be nekkid and tries to take off when you change his diaper. This was his quick escape but doesn't he have the cutest chunks?!

This is my Grandson Roo, he and I were going to make cupcakes and he was tired of me "shooting" our progress, so he decided to shoot me.
I LOVE my grandsons so so so much

This is the box of awesomeness I got from my Circle Pal. I have already used most of that stuff up!
Tell her Kymberlee sent you

This believe it or not, is the future home of my craft desk. Just as soon as I get that darn bed out of there! Stay tuned here for my progress!! Anyone need a REALLY sturdy bunk bed in the PDX area?

This beautiful goodness is a swatch of Paula Prass for Michael Miller Par Avion Spring fabric. I have been coveting this fabric for a year!  It is VERY hard to find and yet somehow.... I scored a WHOLE BOLT, still wrapped and my wonderful friend Kathy was able to get some as well and now this wonderful fabric is cozying up to all my crafting tools.
Check it out:
see a WHOLE bolt!!

This is from Kathy - but the cozies are now in my home on my machines but my room is a WRECK so I will share them all together in my room later. TRUST ME you don't want to see the condition of my desk right now. What you can do instead is to go visit Kathy on her Etsy shop and browse her ready mades or contact her to have some of your OWN made. They are HAND QUILTED and oh so lovely.  Perfect for protecting your investment. She made me a cozy for EVERY ONE of my machines!

This is my grandson's hand imprints and I was painting them to be fired again.
Here is the finished product:
I added a red ribbon to hang it with after I took the pic.

My grandson calls me Gussie. I think I explained this somewhere on my blog wayyyyyy back. Sorry you missed it if you don't know why. HAHAHAHA I am not revisiting the why. He calls my husband "Gumpa"
Seriously though, what is THE DEAL with chicken and waffles? I mean HOW IN THE WORLD do the two even go together? Someone want to 'splain it to me?

This just totally cracked me up and was so descriptive of what narcotics make me feel like. CRANKY!
The dark side of Kymberlee!

And the WINNER of my little drawing is ALLISON! I loved all your guesses about the pictures. I will be sending you a little something in the mail Allison. Thank you SO MUCH for always taking the time to comment on my blog posts. I REALLY appreciate you and ALL my blog followers.

I love your comments and suggestions - please feel free to leave them here. I am working on a method where I can answer your questions right in the comment form. If you have a program or method you use that you like, please let me know.

Make sure and comment because you never know when I am going to pick someone to send something to ;)


  1. You are so amazing!!! (I know, I know, I say that everytime, but I'm impressed all over again whenever you post).

    Hey, do you sell those cricut covers? I'd like to buy one for my friend who has a machine (not sure what size).

  2. SHUT UP!! No way!! Oh that sooooo totally just made my day!!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

    And those babies are so beautiful they must be angels (unlike my own children)


  3. Love all of the explanations! That fabric is beautiful!!! How much did she charge you to make each cover? I might have to go on a search for some fabric that matches my craft room!

    PS- I don't think you should give Allison the prize; she told you to shut up! :-p

    Just kidding! :-D

  4. This is my first time to visit your site. I am new at blogging and blog hopping, so I hope I do this right. I never knew what a big and wonderful community there is of scrapbookers. I live in a small, rural town and have a hard time finding friends to scrap with, let alone scrap products! It's exciting and inspiring to visit and read blogs like yours and learn so much. Thanks! Also, thanks for the link to Kathy's Cozies. What awesome work! MORE STUFF FOR MY WISH LIST! :D


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