April 2, 2011


Cricut frosting sheets and me don't get along.... or so I thought!
If you need a refresher visit my post about previous bankruptcy trying to make them work. Okay I exaggerate, not really bankruptcy but well, you get the picture. So one of my favorite families asked me to make a cake for another birthday celebration and I love that they just let me decide what to do. See I work best when I just start doing without trying to copy something. The criteria for this cake was PURPLE. Thats it just purple.

So I came across a ridiculous sale for some more frosting sheets and since I am not a quitter, I decided to buy a few packsages and try them out again. This time I read and re-read the directions, hunted up some blogs and YouTube advice and.... got a house full of company. WHAT? Oh yes my daughter and grandsons are here this week, then my mother and father in law came, then my sister in law and her family and before you know it the cake delivery deadline is fast approaching and I have a HOUSE FULL!!!  Somehow I managed between meals and clean-up to get the cake done and it was picked up this morning.

BY GOLLY I got the frosting sheets to CUT!!!  I used MEDIUM SPEED and HIGH pressure as the MEDIUM pressure setting required a lot of time and effort to get the cuts off and they got dry and brittle as I worked. The MEDIUM SPEED and HIGH PRESSURE worked for me today in the PNW. I think your settings are dependent on your weather conditions and inside temp. PLUS I also think this batch of frosting sheets were a little thicker and not so dry. It worked like a charm!  Not really thrilled with the final result and think my all time favorite is still the Cricut brand GUMPASTE, but I am thrilled that I tried it again and made it work!

This week I am going to rest up and then I am moving my craft room!! Yes you read that right. With the fosters gone I am moving to a room with NO BED! So we will still have a guest room and I will have a craft room or studio I can get to anytime :) 


  1. It's WONDERFUL!!! And tastes good too:). NOW Darbi can be 4 because she has her purple cake.

    We had a nice visit with you and your daughter. Your grandsons are precious!

    Thank you again for investing in our little birthday parties!

  2. I think it is gorgeous! love the purple - too pretty to eat!

  3. Beautiful! What are the things on top that look like straws? When can you come teach me how to make beautiful cakes? I agree that the frosting sheets are too thin. And after I got irritated with mine, the next time I went to use them there was mold growing (yeah, it was a few months). Anyway, I love love love the beautiful cake!


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