May 14, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends...

I ordered the E2 at launch. It got here VERY quickly and then it sat, and sat and sat some more in the box. Oh it traveled my house at bit. First it sat in the foyer, then I moved it to the dining room table, then the stairwell, finally coming to rest in my craft

Well my friend Kate couldn't take it anymore. She came over and unboxed it, made me update it with Cricut Sync and then she played on it, once again helping ME do something.  Hey, I got her a Starbucks and cooked her dinner. It isn't like I take TOTAL advantage of her...much.

And just so that I am not accused of posting pics of other people and not myself...
here is a gross pic of me in my craft place for the Cricut Circle blog giveaway.

Here is a sneak peek  glimpse of what we are working on:
Here is what Kate made on the new E2 for the above inspiration:

Okay I need to help Kate, we almost had a SERIOUS accident with the new Cricut mat. It is SUPER sticky and she got it too close to her jeans. Think fly paper meets butterfly...enough said!

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