May 2, 2011

If The Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me.

***05/09 - GIVEAWAY CLOSED - I will be back very soon with a WINNER!!!

I am having a bit of trouble with my not so smart, smart phone. If you have tried to call or text I am NOT ignoring you....maybe.  I won't be calling you anyway because it is that time of year again boys and girls. YEP.... as my wedding anniversary approaches it is time to head for our annual jaunt to VEGAS!!

In this life, you will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm

So while there in addition to celebrating wedded bliss with my husband, I will be celebrating Mother's Day with my mother AND my brother and sister in laws anniversary as well.
Yes, we make our trip a family affair. I mean if we get sick of each other there is ALWAYS something to do or see. Personally I think this is a great plan and it has served us well for many years now. Not that I would EVER get sick of my family, god love them! We also invite our friends or whomever would like to go and just hang. We're fun like that :)

So I will share with you the card I made for my mother since she doesn't read my blog, and even if she does, she is already in Vegas and wont be seeing this post until later.

* I apologize the pics are so small. Apparently my smart phone isn't the only thing not working correctly lately. I am unable to adjust the size of the photos manually.

All paper is printed on the Imagine. I got the lace and stamps at an antique store locally.

I will have to show you what I made her for a gift when I get back. I ran into an issue with the pictures I was having printed so it isn't quite done :( I will also have to wait to share my other cards and gifts as I know the others receiving them read my blog. What fun is it to get a card you have already seen?

I have gotten NO where on moving my craft room and I REALLY need more space. BUT...since I want to show off the cozies that my friend Kathy at Kathy'sCozies made for me and how well they coordinate to my room I am going to show you the current overcrowded condition of my "studio"

I know I me I KNOW! Can you believe that crowded mess?!
I can actually FIND things in there and I know it doesn't LOOK like it but I am extremely organized...
most of the time!

But what I REALLY want you to see are these beautiful cozies...
Original Baby Bug




All of them together :)

I'm not done, or should I say poor Kathy isn't done! I have more machines that are feeling a little lonely and a WHOLE BOLT of that beautiful fabric itching to get on a plane and get sent to Kathy to make more beautiful cozies! If you want a beautiful HAND CRAFTED cozy for your machine then go see Kathy at her ETSY store she has all the pricing and info over there. If you don't have a Cricut that's okay, she also makes cozies for Kindle, Nooks, sewing machines and other things.

05/09 - GIVEAWAY CLOSED - I will be back very soon with a WINNER!!!

KathysCozies Etsy  HERE
KathysCozies Facebook Page  HERE 
**You should use this address:  if you are interested in a custom cozy by Kathy.


And one last thing -

Are you tired of trying to find your Gypsy to Cricut Cord? Having trouble remembering which machine you used on last? Well worry no more because I bought a huge lot of cords so that I could have one at each machine AND I bought some extras just for my friends (that would be you!) They are forever out of stock at and their shipping is OUTRAGEOUS!

I am passing on my deal to you. The cords are 5' long, branded HP and made in china. I am selling them for $10 EACH plus actual shipping. I have a very limited number left so please email me with your ZIP CODE at
Let me know you want one (or more) and I will get back to you with shipping cost ($3 regular mail $5 priority) and my Pay Pal address for payment. I will ship Intnl for actual cost of postage (UK is $13.25) I am sorry it is so expensive for intnl mailing :(

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, I know I WILL!!!


  1. H*a*P*p*Y A*n*N*i*V*e*R*s*A*r*Y!! Hope you have a great time in Vegas!! Love your blog!! Glad I found you!! I am now a follower!! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win a Cozy!! I have been wanting one for a LONG time!!

  2. I posted om Kathy's Cozies! I love love love her stuff! Makes me wish I could sew...

  3. I also posted on my facebook!/profile.php?id=1610854806

  4. I"m a follower now! I posted on Kathy's cozies! Thanks for the chance to win one of her cozies!.

  5. I posted on Kathy's Cozies...she does awesome 'em. :)

  6. I posted on Kathy's wall So cute Love the Leopard

    quitlofhope at aol dot com
    I'm a follower now

  7. I posted on Kathy's wall for the Midnight Butterfly Cozy. They are all so cute!

    jennifer rebboah

  8. It was really hard to choose just one Cozie that I liked but I narrowed it down to the Pink Trellis-Expression Cozie. Very Cute!


  9. Glad I came across your blog and became a follower. Wow, you have so many cartridges and your craftroom is beautiful. I would pick the Strawberry Swirls cozy!

  10. I posted on Kathy's Facebook, dang I swear she was in my craftroom when she made the spring dreams cozy. LOVE IT>

  11. Okie Doke I also directed folks here from my FB page. Can you tell I really want that cover LOL

  12. I posted on Kathy's facebook and I am a follower. I love the cozies and would love one.
    motherloves3 at hotmail dot com

  13. Kymberlee you are very mean to make me choose just one! It was like Sophie's Choice up in here! I want to buy more machines so I can get mmore than one cozie!


  14. I wanted to let you know that I posted your contest link in my facebook profile!.

  15. I posted on Kathy's facebook wall and I am now a follower of your blog. Thank you for the chance to win a cozy. It was hard to pick. They are all so pretty.

  16. What a wonderful giveaway! I just posted on Kathy's FB page and became a new follower of yours!


  17. Love those cozys thanks for giving a chance to win!

  18. I love your craft room! I think its really organized! I am your newest follower and I love seeing kathy's work. I would love to have one!

    rickettscricuts at yahoo dot com

  19. Umm... I just now saw this post. I've seen the pictures of your cozies (adorable, btw) but hadn't seen the card for your mom. I love the layering and texture look!

    And a big big thank you for my cords! I've got one at each "station" so I no longer have to keep the original one in my purse! (Ha, I'm probably the ONLY person in America to keep a such a cord in such a place.)

    Anyway, I didn't want you to think I just didn't post... sorry it's like 3 weeks behind!


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