May 9, 2011

Lets get COZY

Sorry it took a bit to sort that out but I wasn't thinking about the logistics of having people e-mail, post on facebook and my blog to be able to win. In addition I am on the West coast and Kathy is on the East and we have completely different schedules. No matter we were still able to figure it all out and choose a winner.

Congratulations Paula!!!!

And seriously guys this was so much fun and Kathy is so sweet, we will be doing THIS giveaway again REAL SOON!!

If you checked out her Etsy store and Facebook you will see she has a alot of choices but if you are like me, you may want something totally unique and she WILL do that too. Just ask her, she is SUPER sweet and very easy to work with. email her here:

Again THANK YOU for your patience.

Do you have a FAVORITE product or service you want to share with others?  Please leave a comment here telling us about it. I would love to have my readers share their favorites. It doesn't have to be craft or paper related just has to be G rated ;)

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  1. Just saw this post, too. (Geez, what's my deal?)

    My favorite product has definitely got to be my husband. He mows the yard, runs out to grab dinner, brings home a paycheck every now and then, I've ALMOST got him trained to do laundry.... definitely worth the cost of having to listen to him play CoD at 2:30am when I've got work the next morning. He is kind of expensive to up-keep, however. I would be willing share him with others, if there is a fair trade happening! It would be nice to have someone with handy-man experience to fix up a few things around here. :-p

    Oh wait... If you mean something I bought in the store... :-p ... I think my Mac is my favvvv item. Anyone who has EVER wanted to throw their computer up against a wall NEEDS to buy an Apple computer. Or maybe I'm the only one with an urge to throw things sometimes... anyway... if and when you do get the urge, buy a Mac and it will forever go away.... the urge aimed at computers, anyway... I can't promise you're not going to want to throw other things.


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