June 4, 2011

I've had bad luck with my kids - they've all grown up

I made a trip to visit the grandchildren and had a wonderful visit. Roo and I made small gifts for his teacher and aide. Bentley and I spent a few hours together while his momma had a shoot and neither he nor I cried, in fact we had a good time. After picking up momma from her photo shoot we went and got Roo from school, gave out our gifts and then went for a snack. Then we headed for the TOY STORE! Of course we came home with a couple of new things.

This is Roo playing in the toy room before our trip to the toy store.
 Poor kid doesn't have anything to play with!

Where oh where could he have ever seen this before?!

"Unka Nick" helping Roo jump on his new mini trampoline

Bentley and his noisey rolling thing.
He LOVES this thing and didn't want to share with his brother at ALL!

The highlight of my trip was getting to watch Bentley for a couple of hours and NOT have him cry AND he said "Gussie"  He is really starting to talk but saying "Gussie" uhmm yeah he knows how to melt a grandma's heart as if those big brown eyes weren't enough!! These boys are growing up wayyyyy too fast.

We decided to head home late Thursday night as I was starting to feel icky and was getting a sore throat. It was REALLY bad by the time I made it home.

This little boy didn't appreciate being left home alone and was so happy to see me after he got over himself. Plus I think he liked that I spent the next 24 hours in bed and invited him to join me.

Today was my human little boy's birthday...24

I can't believe he is 24. He has been living on his own now for THREE whole years! Not something I would have thought possible, but he is and it is working out well. Colby is affected by Asperger's Syndrome and has had some things to overcome in his life to get to where he is. I am proud of him and can't get over him being 24 already. I will have to make the birthday up to him because I spent his entire birthday weekend in bed while he watched Netflix. He says it was better than being home alone but I still feel bad.


  1. I like the new blog design! Congrats on Bentley, that's a good job Gussie. How am I supposed to get in touch with you when you have phone issues? Well hopefully I'll see you before the canning party.

  2. Wow! How fancy is it around here! Love the new design and I am sure you didn't spoil those babies at all!


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