July 26, 2011

Devastating Fire - HELP NEEDED



My children's rental home was destroyed by fire on 7/23. It could have been SO much worse and we are thankful it was not. NO lives were lost and no major injuries sustained. My twin daughters Kari  and Kori, along with Kari's husband Nick, Kori's fiance Nick and their children (my grandsons) 4.5 year old Ethan "Roo", 18 month old Bentley were left with literally the clothes on their backs. The house and it contents were a total loss.

My son in law Nick Durrant was recently an Honorable Mention for the
 2011 Military Times Coast Guardsman of the Year.
(click to read about his nomination)
He and my future son in law Nick, both proudly serve in the US Coast Guard They are also selfless and passionate about helping others and volunteering in their community. Now it is time to show them their dedication and passion works BOTH WAYS!

** My other son in law, Nick Sutton, also has a long proud list of accomplishments -Sutton’s other awards and accomplishments include the 2005 USCG Pacific Area Enlisted Person of the Year, 2005 PACTACLET Sailor of the Year, 2006 International Narcotic Enforcement Officer’s Association Special Award of Honor, Company Commander of the Quarter, TRACEN Cape May Enlisted Person of the Quarter, Maritime Law Enforcement Academy Honor Graduate.





This was the home before:
Please keep the homeowners in your thoughts and prayers as well

After the fire was under control but still on fire:

What's left:

All that is left of my grandson's belongings

This is what was left of my daughter Kari and her husband Nick's belongings

 And this is what my daughter Kori, her Nick and my grandsons have left
Thankfully EACH family had a good size one to store their important things.
Sentry is also now available at Costco

Besides the fact that no one was injured, here is their miracle - my future son-in-law Nick found his father's flag from his service this past April. The flag was relatively unscathed in a Space Bag next to the safe while everything around it was destroyed.

I will be continually updating this page to the latest information so please bookmark this page and check back often.

7/27 -

7/31 - A rental has been found!! 

8/11 - The family is slowly rebuilding and VERY MUCH appreciates the outpouring of love and support. They love the new neighborhood. Now that they have a  home and a bed to recover in, Nick S has rescheduled his back surgery. Please continue to keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.

8/17 - Donations are STILL being accepted and the family has made a TARGET LIST to help with their most needed items.

If nothing else please leave a comment here or mail them a note to let them know that people are still thinking of them and wishing them well.

You may send GIFTS through PayPal
My PayPal and email:Kymberlee.Lake@yahoo.com

NO GIFT IS "too small" 




♥ Thank you ♥

The Bainbridge Island Community
 KOMO Reporter John Discepolo  and the KOMO staff who did a wonderful piece about the kids.
Kari's Scentsy "Family"
Kori's Baby Wearing "Family"
The Montessori Country School "Family"
Cultured Purls
"The Nicks" Coastie Family
My blog readers :)

My heart felt thanks to SENTRY SAFES for making an awesome product that saved the kids important papers !
I can't stress to you enough that these two safes were ALL that survived this fire, please invest in a Sentry!!

I also want to thank the RED CROSS for answering their immediate needs. Please donate to the RED CROSS whenever possible, the family you help may someday be YOUR OWN!

Comments of SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT can be left here for the families and are very much appreciated


  1. Kymberlee..
    I'm so sorry this has happened. It literally makes me ill. My home was destroyed by fire when I was in the 6th grade. Also, my husband is a retired FF. I have seen what fires can do and how quickly it can happen! Thank God everyone is safe! Prayers are being sent your way!

  2. The picture of Ethan's bike brought tears to my eyes. And Nick with the flag is just amazing, I'd like to think his dad is telling him he's watching over and that everything will be alright.
    I still can't believe this happened... such an unimaginable nightmare. I'm definitely investing in a fireproof safe.
    I'll repost this on my blog, I know people will want to help!

  3. Oh Kymberlee, how awful :( Thinking of you all.

  4. So VERY sorry for your loss---thank God the people were saved. I will forward this post and pray that lots of help is on the way!!

  5. I am so relieved that no one was hurt but I know the thought of what you lost and what you need to rebuild must feel overwhelming. Know that people the world over are thinking of you and praying for you. FYI, I posted in the Pink Room and the ladies there are also wishing you the best (some of them have even packed boxes already). I'll also send something soon, unfortunately I have to wait until next week. Big hugs!

  6. Kari, Kori, the Nicks and kiddos...

    I'm friends with your mom. Since she told me about the fire I have been thinking and praying for you constantly. My heart aches for everything that you lost but I am so glad that you are all still here and together.

    I wish I had more to give but I am at least going to get some books sent that we no longer need at our house. I'm also going to repost the story that the news did to my Facebook profile and hopefully there will be another couple hundred people praying for you as well.

    Love from South Dakota,

  7. Kymberlee. My heart breaks for the girls, their significant others and your grandbabies. I'll do what I can to help. Such an amazing family, many prayers for you, for them and for the owners of the house. I hope they find a new place soon. huge hugs.

  8. Kymberlee- I am SO sorry this happened! I cannot even begin to imagine how your kids are coping right now. Thank God they're safe, but it's terrible they've lost everything. Talk to you soon (and praying for you guys until then!)

  9. we have some toys, clothing and shoes for the boys. and will have some clothing items for the adults, and a few little things for their pup!

    we're turning them into the donation drop at the Base on Monday.

    I have also posted a link to your blog on Facebook and Twitter.

  10. Nick and Kari D. Nick and Kori S.
    I'm just now reading this on USCG HQ special notices. So thankful you are all safe. In trajedy you may find a new appreciation for life, which I know from experience. I have no idea what you lost but you have my warmest regards and deepest condolences.
    Nick D, if you need anything at all don't hesitate to call me.
    Chris Ryder
    (OSCS, USCG)

  11. Hope you are all staying strong :) Kitchen Gadgets are on their way! :)

  12. So touched by you for what you have done with foster parenting and now so touched by the loss your family has suffered. Praying for them and you. So glad they have a new place to live.

  13. Kymberlee...

    I never got the chance to meet your girls, but I know they have a wonderful mom and I know they have to be the best! I am so saddened to hear of their loss, but so happy to hear everyone is alive and safe! And the FLAG!!! Praise the Lord!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all right now, as i'm sure the whole family is trying to work from the ground up again. Soon, hopefully, things will turn back to semi-normal, although I know things will never be the same, they will be different and better!!

    Corey and Shane

  14. Sorry for all your family has been through, Kymberlee. I will find some way to help them...so glad they have found a place to live.

  15. Kymberlee, I was so saddened by your story. It was very touching that your SIL's father's flag was spared. The picture of the little bike was very touching, and a reminder that everyone was very lucky to be able to get out unharmed. I will also do what I can from here, and I will post a note on my own Blog to hopefully spread the word to others that help is needed.
    Best of Luck to everyone, and God Bless!

  16. im spreading the word and praising God that you are all save. your childrens lives are saved and there is such a spirit of love within you. im sending all that i can.

  17. I am so thankful no one lost their lives. I am so sorry that your family had to endure this tragedy.
    I am hopeful we can all gather things neede and get them to you.

  18. Comfy Joey is doing a fundraiser for Kori and her family!


  19. On behalf of the DC Coast Guard Enlisted Association Branch, we have sent the families something in the mail using the address that was provided, we hope it helps and glad no one was hurt. You all are in our prayers. -YN3 Suggs, Sean

  20. Bently, Ethan,

    We think about you every day since we found out about your old house. This must be a hard time for you. I bet you miss your toys, your old house and your old rooms. Im sure it is scarey to think about. I want you to know that people, lots of people are thinking about you, praying for you, we are all hoping that you get what you need back, get new, fun toys and that you arent scared.



  21. Just to let you know that I am posting a note about this on my blog tomorrow (Monday). Please let me know if there is a way to contribute through PayPal as I am in Canada and do not have access to the bank noted. Thanks!
    smallbitsofpaper @ hotmail.com

  22. I would LOVE to help in some small way but as per previous comment it would need to be money through PayPal as I am in Australia. In the meantime please know that you are all in my thoughts and Prayers.


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