July 19, 2011

Markers Here, Markers There, Markers Markers EVERYWHERE!

I have recently taken the plunge into the world of COPICS. I invested in a huge lot of Sketch.Too markers. I then had to figure out how to best store them and now I must journey forth and actually learn to use them. My scrappy bestest is bugging me about this...can you imagine?! Hmmph

SOLD Anyway I have a bunch of BRAND NEW Copic Markers that are doubles that I am hoping to sell as a lot; about 40 of them to be exact.SOLD

Since the markers sold I thought I would share with you my Copics Storage method. I took pictures as I was putting it together but I accidently deleted them! SORRY!!

Jessware lidded storage container, plastic ceiling grid cut to size (and edges filed), piece of fleece felt

It has a handled lid for carrying it around 
 and keeping the markers from spilling out
 A piece of acrylic celing tile grid serves as the dividers
 Close up of some blank spots so you can see the grid
For the sides to hold the grid stable I used adhesive sided felt fleece.
The adhesive is one one side only and is SUPER sticky. The other side is super soft fleece like felt.
 I SHOULD have cut out some nice fancy design with my Cricut, oops!
 I plan on taking it apart and redoing it nicer with pretty Cricut cuts (someday)
 I also lined the botton with the fleece felt.
 This is to protect the markers and it helped with the ridges in the container.
 The whole botton is one solid piece of fleece felt
It gives then a nice snuggly place to rest on

If you can't find fleece adhesive felt locally you can get it from CPE/New Image Group


  1. OOooh jealous!!!

    If I had the tiniest thought that I could use them to their full potential, I would take you up on that deal!

  2. Wow! I have no stamping/coloring ability whatsoever - but that box is sure awesome! the set up makes me want them!


  3. Great storage idea and portable too, very nice!

  4. I love the storage idea for the markers! That is super super cool... you are so creative! I figured they would take up a ton of space, but you definitely compacted them.


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