October 25, 2011



Before I announce the winner, I just want to say that if you EVER win blog candy or some prize from me and you don't get it within 7-10 days of winning PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I am embarrassed to admit that while moving my studio I found a blog prize that I KNOW was intended to be mailed to someone. It was one of several such prizes and since no one told me they didn't get it, I don't know who it was intended for. If you are reading and you didn't get your prize PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forgive me and let me know.  I know lately I have been reading on other forums and such that some people don't actually send out the prizes people have won... tsk tsk tsk. If a company supplies me with prizes to give out, I darn well am going to give them out. Also note that I don't have any sponsors for my blog. Any prizes given away here on my blog are PURCHASED BY ME for the specific purpose of giving it away to someone here. I do this because I feel like it and it makes me happy to do so.

So without further ado......

Which means AllisonF (The Goody Bag Diva) won my super terrific surprise blog candy and I KNOW she will LOVE what is coming her way!
Congratulations Allison and THANK YOU for reading my blog.
I will get your SURPRISE mailed to you by the end of the week.

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