October 30, 2011


About six months or so ago I decided to become obsessive, errrrr I mean gather a collection of Copic Markers. I set about hunting and gathering and then the price went up significantly and I didn't complete my collection. I also didn't color with them at all except for the coloring guide to keep track of what I owned and still needed. I recently was forced, yes FORCED, to learn to use them when my friend Kate, from Sassy and Scrappy insisted that I take a certification class with her. She is kinda pushy like that. I LOVE learning...anything really but I must admit that after the basic certification experience I was ready to sell my markers and call it quits.It wasn't my that I couldn't get the hang of it or anything it was just an all around poor experience starting with the fact that when I signed up and paid I thought the instructor was supposed to be a particular person but then when I showed up it was someone else and well, it just all went downhill from there.  I was just SUPER frustrated with my experience and after hearing from MANY other people in the class at lunch that they were feeling the same, I knew it wasn't "just me" and fortunately I was able to give Copic another try with the intermediate class. This class TOTALLY changed my opinion and made me feel capable and very excited to practice and build on what I learned. The instructors were just AMAZING and I would highly recommend their classes. Colleen Schaan and Marianne Walker were just incredible to learn from. I am so very glad I gave them a second chance and now I am FULL ON OBSESSED with acquiring the complete set and all that goes with them.  I mean, is one ever REALLY done collecting Copics?

This is my first completed Copic coloring:

The pic was taken with my crappy cell phone camera but I am pleased with it since I really had literally not used my markers at ALL before the certification classes. THAT is testament to just how AWESOME Colleen and Marianne are to learn from. I realize I need LOTS and LOTS of practice and it is far from perfect but I am having so much fun!

I also got to meet the WONDERFUL Melissa from MelissaMade as well as meeting a new friend Daina, both of whom I hope to be able to craft with in the near future. Plus a whole host of other terrificly talented people.


  1. Love it! And I am SO jealous!!! You need to list a few "wanted colors" on your blog wishlist :-p

  2. yeah we all know how mean Kate can get - glad you had fun!


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