October 22, 2011

TheBugBytes Fall Blog Hop


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As you may or may not know, we recently got our foster children back after their adoption "disrupted" Long story short we are very BLESSED to be a FAMILY again and plan on making it a permanent thing as soon as we are able.
This is the quote in our living room that inspired my project:

Here is my project:
I started by tracing our hands onto a piece of card stock

Using the card stock as a pattern I traced around them onto felt and cut them out by hand

I used BEACON felt glue to start layering our hands to a wire wreath frame

I used very little glue on each hand. Just enough to make it grab hold.

I varied the colors going from largest hands to smallest in a circle around the frame layer by layer.
(The largest to smallest wasn't oldest to youngest in our family)
I also had a little help from the wee ones on this as I explained to them how our family is layered together and we all support each other.
Each person is a unique individual but together we can make a great blend

I then added some hand cut felt rosettes and a little bling

as well as a cut using heavy black glitter paper and Lacy Labels.
 I altered to make it round instead of oblong on the Gypsy

Here is the finished wreath hanging on our front door.

In retrospect I should have made the FAMILY much bigger and also cut a few layers of chipboard with it to make it POP and be a little more sturdy.
The kids love it though and proudly announce to everyone who visits "That's our family's hands!"

** I DO have three grown children, two son-in laws, and two grandsons who I love VERY much. We would have liked to included their hands in this project but logistically speaking, it wasn't possible.


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  1. I think it is fantastic! And I know how much it means to them!

  2. Love that you used your family's hands!! Cute cute cute!!

  3. Kymberlee this is fantastic. It just about brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful and inspired project.

  4. Fabulous project! I love fall!! So many fun colors!

  5. I absolutely love this project Kymberlee - I can only imagine how special it is to the kids. TFS.

  6. Oh, how pretty and colorful!!! Great job!

  7. Oh, Kym your project touched my heart! What a wonderful way to celebrate your family and the Autumn Season. Your family has much to be thankful for this year!

  8. So sweet, I love how your wreath turned out! Look at those sweet little hands.

  9. I had to come over and see more of your project as it is so awesome. Love the concept and the finshed wreath is too cool. Thanks for sharing, this project shows that your heart is in the right place.

  10. oh Kymberlee this wreath is just precious ! and so heartfelt too.
    And I really loved the saying you have on the wall too. So true !

  11. So glad to hear you got the children back. Love the hands!

  12. Nice project and thanks for the hop. My emai is marg0006@verizon.net and my blog is Loving Scrapper 101.

  13. Oh, my goodness! What a fun project! Great idea!

  14. Look at you, Ms. Creative! Your project is fantastic! I love love love it! And I know that they love love love you!

  15. My children would love to see this on our door too- Great idea.

  16. Beautiful wall hanging! So glad to hear you got "your kids" back!

  17. this is just precious! a great family project and keepsake! you can have each person take a turn each year to display it! tfs callyann new follower
    Come on over:)


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