November 10, 2011


 It was a good mail day Wednesday

From STAMPS ALIVE! I got my Copics order and the new big case
LOVE the case but wish it had a few more features

All the pretty colors :)

I am EXTREMELY impressed with the customer service and how quickly Terri got my stuff out to me. She lost her father in the midst of my ordering, but was still very quick. My condolences to Terri and her family. May God comfort you until you can all be together again.

This is my order of GRAB BOXES from Frantic Stamper
Everything was combined into one box and separated into bags.

Basic Gray



Heidi Grace/Little Davis/Cloud 9 Grab Box

All sorted by stacks and lined up on the table

Basic Gray



Heidi Grace/Little Davis/Cloud 9

Overall I am pleased with the order from Frantic Stamper. I am really loving the BasicGray and Prima boxes WELL WORTH IT!

I have a few friends that have already ordered the GRAB BOXES as well. One friend in NY got her box the same day I did and she was pleased with her Prima Box.

I am really excited to try some new things and pass on some of my goodies to some friends and fellow crafters. I just have to get my studio back in order and oh... my brother has been sleeping in there too so that doesn't help ;)


  1. HOLY WOW!!! Can I come and play at your house??? Those are all awesome!

  2. Ummm... Now I am 100% sure there is absolutely nothing I could send you that you don't already have!!! WOW! I have been slowly putting a new box together for you... but I definitely can't compete with all that! I would love to find time to sit and video-chat/scrap with you. This NEEDS to happen soon!!!

  3. WOWSER! I am sure you will have lots of fun with these. Cant wait to see what you create with them


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