November 3, 2011

My husband always holds my hand....

I always thought it was sweet that my husband always holds my hand when we are out and about.... until I came across this today:
We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.~ Henny Youngman 

Hi My Name is Kymberlee and I am addicted to shopping bargains!

Seriously... I just love the "Deal of the Day" websites that pour into my inbox everyday. **MyPoints where I can get points for shopping online and redeem them for GIFT CARDS? Yes, please!  I can't seem to say no to an impromptu trip to Tuesday Morning, and my credit union just moved their branch closest to me RIGHT NEXT DOOR to a NEW Tuesday Morning! Coincidence?! I think NOT! It is a conspiracy to keep my husband poor!
With all the new fangled ways to bargain shop do you ever wonder WHY some places just don't get with the program and have one of those electronic carts? I mean surely they must KNOW that they are losing out on TONS money by not offering us click happy shoppers the convenience of a few clicks of the mouse and my order is on its way. DON'T THEY??  I have been browsing a few  Internet stores for awhile now that offer GREAT prices but they don't offer electronic checkout. I mean REALLY! I have to cut and paste or type out my order and email it to the person/store. How very mundane and 2010.  Those people MUST not want their businesses to grow and to be prosperous, right? RIGHT?.... uhmmm well maybe that isn't exactly right. By making customers manually enter their orders, or pick up a phone that you always have with you anyway, some of these places are able to offer me a TREMENDOUS SAVINGS over their "click click done" competitors. See by not having to worry about the manpower of maintaining a  bandwidth sucking glitzy web site prone to technical glitches, or fight off would be credit card thieves or the dreaded downed server not to mention all those vericheck and hosting fees, SOME companies are actually BETTER to shop at. It just takes a tiny bit more effort. I have also found that these places have SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and a very FAST turnaround time.

Case in point: Terri Olsen from Stamps Alive! This woman is AMAZING!  She has prices that can't be beat and is very personable and if that weren't enough; she goes out of her way to make sure you can get the items you need IN YOUR HANDS QUICKLY. Each time I have ordered from her I am treated with very prompt and professional responses and my order is on my doorstep in a matter of days! I stopped ordering from her for awhile just purely because I am LAZY and couldn't handle those "few extras clicks" and then while searching for Copic markers to complete me collection, I realized that there is NO WAY anyone can beat her pricing. Those few extras clicks is going to be saving me a WHOLE lotta $$ so I can buy MORE bargains.
Oh and if you think she is just some fly by night crafter selling a few things here and there, you should know she has been in business since 1993! Once you tell her what you want and where to ship it to she will send you a Pay Pal invoice and then CLICK CLICK done!

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.~ Bo Derek 

Another company that I have been perusing for a very long time but never ordered from is Frantic Stamper. They are my neighbors right here in little ole' Oregon. They have TONS of stuff and lots of great sales and their ever famous GRAB BOXES!! These boxes are not available ALL the time and are not the new hot of the presses items but they are NAME BRANDS and up to $175 in value for the bargain price of only $39.99 + shipping. They DO have all the latest and greatest items at great prices however, just not in those grab boxes. So why haven't I ordered from them? Yep, you guessed it, a few extra clicks as they do NOT have an electronic shopping cart. You have to fax, call or email your order in and pay them that way or Pay Pal. I just placed an order with them TODAY for the very first time. I will tell you that I used the email method and got a PERSONAL REPLY within moments of ordering. I know it wasn't a canned "we got your order" type mail because Fran herself, wrote something in reply to a statement I made in sending in my order. As soon as those boxes get to me I will be back to SHOW YOU what I got and give you a follow up about the order and service. I am SOOOOO excited! 

So uhmmmm maybe those people aren't so silly after all and by putting in a bit more effort on my part, I am saving some serious cash! Plus you get *gasp* real live people to interact with!

As soon as I get my boxes from Stamps Alive! and Frantic Stamper I will be back with photos and breakdown of just how much money I saved as well as and overall rating of my experience.

The quickest way to get to know a woman is to go shopping with her.
~ Marcelene Cox 

** If you would like to be referred to MyPoints where YOU too can get points for places you probably already shop at online, leave a comment with your email address or send me a PM on Facebook and I will send you a referral email. I can get a few points for that too :)

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