December 27, 2011

My Copic "Timeout"

I have a fabulous group of crafting ladies I "hang out" with online. We did a Secret Santa exchange for Christmas and my wonderful elf, Michelle sent me some stamped images to color.

Due to life's circumstances for the moment, I am unable to get into my craft room and REALLY craft. Seems that has been my story this past year :( Well having my Copics in the family room where the kids hang out seem to be my answer for now.

Here is my coloring on the images she sent me:

I tried out some different things and other than getting a little shaky with the MS at times, I am happy with how my coloring is progressing.

If you are interested in learning how to Color with Copic Markers then I might suggest to you a fabulous way to learn ONLINE!
Check it out:

Speaking of Copic...did you know they are introducing TWELVE new sketch colors this February?
 I know what I am getting for Valentines <3

Oh and in our family gift exchange we also do a Secret Santa and my son-in-law not only is giving me another grand baby to love on and spoil (with a little help from my daughter) but he got my name in the Secret Santa and I got a Laser Printer!! I am sooo freakin'  happy to be able to buy digital images to print out and color now!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS NEW YEAR and remember
"Sometimes everyone needs a little timeout"


  1. Kymberlee, I love the coloring you've done on these images! And what great images to color! Anyone receiving a card or project with one of your colored images will be thrilled. I can't wait to get a "lesson" from you!

  2. Kymberlee you did a fantastic job on all the images. I'm going to check out the online tutorial, but I'm looking forward to my lesson firsthand in FL.

  3. I love the coloring! I can't wait for Friday so you can teach me :-) And congrats on the printer!!! I'm glad you finally got exactly what you wanted, since it didn't happen for your birthday or anniversary!


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