January 28, 2012

OOPS! What was I thinking?!

I was just visiting with my Motley Crafting Crue girls on Facebook and they are all  acquiring markers(well most except for Allison who seems to be enjoying her Crayola markers immensely hahaha) so the question of storage has come up.

Remember this post?


Well when I am wrong I am wrong and I will admit it. I don't think it is a very good storage solution because
a) You WILL quickly outgrow it
and most important
b) When your husband drops it in a hotel lobby it WILL bust into a million pieces and may damage your markers, not to mention trying to round up and apologize to each and every one of their little bruised selves.

Okay maybe apologizing to your markers might be a bit overboard... but I LURVE mine a lot and well... I did apologize for letting that brute of a man even be entrusted with them and then for his OBVIOUS envy of the time I spend with them. I mean it is plain as the nose on my face that he has an issue with my beloved Copics if he is just going to throw them on the hard cold marble hotel lobby, right? Can I get an AMEN?

Soooo now that I have ALL the Copics in my own collection, I realized that building another plastic container was just NOT going to work. For one, the sheer size needed and then the WEIGHT of the markers on a plastic lid handle would surely result in the further bruising of my beloved colored friends. 

So then I thought...AHA...if I get a vintage TRAIN case I can do it all up all artsy fartsy and it will be very unique and lovely.

There are LOTS of etsy stores featuring these cases both as is and already arted up! You can even find  them on eBay, but buyer beware some of the resellers are REALLY proud of their stuff.

So while I think this is a great idea it wont work for me because I have close to 400 markers. I have all the sketch colors, some ciaos and wide markers too.

Then when I was just about at my wits end for finding something Copic came out of this:

After seeing it in person at a Copic class I took, I was SOLD. This is now how I store all my markers. When coloring I just take out the little baskets and spread them around me. It works great when sharing my markers with my kids too.

So my new suggestion is to keep in mind these things:
HOW MANY markers are you going to have in your collection in the end?
WHAT are you going to do with them? (travel, share)
WHERE are you going to store them when not in use?

Then type MARKER STORAGE in google images and start exploring your style. There are SO many good ideas out there!


  1. What a lovely family sitting around coloring together! I bet after your girls grew up you never thought you would see those days again!

    For the record, I can't believe you share your markers! I'm like *slap* hands off! Love the container, though. If and when I get the rest, I'll definitely be investing in such a thing!


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