January 9, 2012

Put on your Big Girl Panties and READ THIS

 The "Big Girl Pants" digital stamp was purchased at Mo's Digital Pencil. Isn't she ADORABLE?

I got a laser printer for Christmas. I am in LOVE!! More than anything I am THRILLED to join the world of digital stamping. Along with my journey into a new world comes learning NEW RULES...specifically ANGEL POLICIES. Rather than try to rewrite what has already been written, I am going to refer you to -

Angel Policies.... What are they all about?

I have read some questions concerning Angel Policies and whether or not people agree with them or abide by them or not on a few forums lately. I think the biggest thing is UNDERSTANDING what you are agreeing to when you make your purchases. Like with any legal contract, you should READ them and see what you are agreeing to specifically. If you have questions....put on your BIG GIRL pants and ASK the owner. If you want to use the image (or other intellectual property) for something not specifically listed again, ASK THE OWNER.

I am THRILLED to be joining a group of crafty women I have had the pleasure of crafting with online for many years in Florida later next month. I am going to take my Copics and share what I have learned with them. I am preparing my markers, gathering supplies, and have given them some pointers for what they can bring to experiment too but wait... WHAT DO WE COLOR?  I have invested in a lot of digital images since Christmas so I can just print them out and bring them right?  Well.... NOT SO FAST....
I decided that I would use images my favorite digital artist Mo Manning of Mo's Digital Pencil. So I simply WROTE her an email and explained what I wanted to use her images for. She responded very quickly and gave me permission to use a few of her images. All she asked is that I not send any uncolored images home  with people and that I tell them that I asked and received permission to share her images in this manner. EASY PEASY!

I wish things were this easy when you put a paper craft project out there you worked really hard on. It stinks when someone copies your work and then doesn't even bother to give you credit or tell others where they got the idea.  This has happened to some people I REALLY love and respect recently. How hard is it really to just mention where you got an idea? I know people want to "be the first" to present a new or exciting technique or project and love the attention. If we didn't then why do we have BLOGS and galleries to show off such things?  The respect you EARN by being up front in honest FAR outweighs the negative attention you will receive when the deception is discovered. Just my two cents.

A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.
Joseph Hall

Read more: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/reputation.html#ixzz1iwXMsX2K


  1. This is so cute. Thanks Kymberlee for this post - it acts as a great reminder to all.

  2. Wow love the coloring. Like the colorful 1st one Love the other two too and cant wait to see the project that this goes in.

  3. I love your coloring, Kymberlee...I wish I could be there with you all in February - I could definitely use your tips on coloring!


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