June 15, 2012

Another June Birthday

My daughters' ex step mother is having a birthday this month as well. I know the relationship sounds pretty strange but she is a very integral part of my daughter's lives and has been for quite some time. She may have divorced their father, but she is still very much a part of our family. I made this card for her and I will also take her a little cake. The cake will be another post ;)

The image is from Mo Manning www.MosDigitalPencil.com

I decided I didn't like the jewels on the flower she was blowing so I took them off and added Stickles instead:

The inside is the SAME color as the ouside papers but you shure couldn't tell it by this picture! sorry

I got a new case for my iPhone, it is a LifeProof case and it isn't allowing me to take very good pictures. Everything seems to have a halo effect and the colors come out wonky. Sorry I will work on it!

Today is also my MOTHER'S birthday but great daughter that I am, I didn't make her a card :( I know I know I an horrible. But you see my mother is a crafter and a designer by her own rights and well... I just can't make anything that is worthy to send. I sent her some lovely flowers instead ;)