June 1, 2012

Is it really JUNE already?

Hey everyone!  I have been busy doing a whole lot of NOTHING!!  Hahaha This is more of a personal post than a crafty one and you KNOW how I get all chatty.

Actually I am trying to declutter and spring clean my house and garage some. I have kind of felt like the walls are closing in on me and there is just too too too much stuff in my house. Now I am not a hoarder by any stretch but I do tend to hold onto things way longer than I should. I have really been trying to embrace the "less is more" philosophy and if that sh...err... stuff is all packed away and hasn't been used for awhile then I probably don't NEED it. So bit by bit I am trying to do one room at a time with a very minimalist approach. I also took advantage of the long weekend and visited my daughters up in the Seattle area.

While in Seattle my son in law presented me with a shelf I requested he build. It is finally on the wall and being used for it intended purpose. Here is my beautiful new shelf:
The shelf hangs on the wall over the small Expedit Ikea desk where I keep my Imagine. I asked him to build me a shelf that would hold the Imagine cartridges AND house my Copic Various Refills. I will get some nice containers/baskets or something to put on the upper two shelves since I am planning on expunging all of my ProvoCraft items soon.

Originally I wanted a bunch of tiny little shelves to line my Copic refills up by color/number but, Nick quickly figured out that it would be way too heavy to do it with the wood I wanted in the that way. I love the solution he came up with. It really fits my studio and sense of uniqueness. 

Oh and that "K" was a secret santa gift from someone in my exclusive ultra cool group of crafty ladies I hang with online. I used tacky tape and just thought it was the perfect spot for it. I should take a close up of it and show you the other things this particular person made for me. Aw heck, just go check out her blog and see for yourself how awesome she is: 


I have less than 100 refills so far so it looks a little sparse, but... in time I will fill it up. I can put a liquid proof drop cloth over the desk below and refill right there! 

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Copic Refill Storage Shelf!!

Also... it has been ten months since my daughters (and their families) lost everything in a house fire. If you weren't a follower then, you can read about it HERE

Thankfully they are doing pretty well at this point. They still come across things that they "need" and it is still really hard at times. It is weird how much we take for granted. We are still so thankful for everything that they were given. Not everything can be replaced but after getting the basic needs met I have moved onto the things that are a bit harder. Like my daughter Kari's childhood friend "Baby Ann" Baby Ann was a constant companion from about the age of two on. As an adult my daughter took her along when she got married and to the various duty stations they have went. Baby Ann provided much comfort to my daughter whenever she was ill or just plain homesick.
Baby Ann was one of the very few recognizable items after the fire when the kids were allowed to go into the house and see if they could salvage anything. Even though she was burned and smelled of smoke, my daughter couldn't bear to throw her away. I have been hunting and hunting for a replacement. No so easy to find a doll from 1986 when you don't even know who makes the darn thing!

Recently late at night I was overjoyed when I came across THE EXACT DOLL!!!  Yesterday she arrived at my house from Florida. Old Baby Ann is currently on her second vinegar/baking soda soak. It has done wonders to get the smoke smell out and I am hoping the second soak will do it. I want to take some of the stuffing and fabric from old Baby Ann and put it into the new one. Just so Kari can still have a piece of her childhood.

Kari's twin sister, Kori, wasn't so lucky with her childhood stuff, she wasn't able to save a thing as all of her things were in storage in the garage where the fire started.

I am STILL searching for this doll wearing a lavender outfit. She is made from nylon parachute type material in 1986 by Marchon. If you come across this Baby Ann or the lavender one PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP!!! I know my daughter would really really appreciate it, as would I.

Again I want to say THANK YOU to all of my friends that have helped my daughters over the last ten months. You were a blessing to us and I just can't ever thank you enough!

So I have some special projects (craft even) that I will be posting here next week. One or two of them might even involve FOOD!