June 30, 2012

The Studio dweller's birthday

As you may or may not know, my brother is living in my craft studio. I don't know HOW that happened really. I mean he was getting a divorce so I invited him over to go trick or treating with our family and he somehow hasn't left since. (Yes, eight months ago) So yeah, my studio rather looks like this now.

Which makes it kinda hard (re:impossible) to craft.

So yesterday was his 40th birthday, which if you ask me is FAR too old to be living in your sister's craft studio, but I digress. I was kind enough to make him a card. I also used my first ever action wobble!

I bought the digital image, that I colored with my Copics, from Just INKlined

The action wobble makes him DANCE!

I got this little cassette charm on BLITSY 


Dance like no one is watching... 
that can have you COMMITTED!

I put a certificate in the card that said he didn't have to pay rent this month since it was his birthday. The funny in that is that he doesn't pay me any rent, nope, not a dime! Can you start to see why he may LIKE living in my craft studio at 40?!