July 23, 2012

What a difference a year makes

Today it has been ONE YEAR since my twin daughters (Kori and Kari), their Nicks, and my grandsons Ethan (5) and Bentley (2) lost literally everything in a house fire.

They are settled in a new home and were able to stay on Bainbridge Island and most importantly stay together. They are still feeling the financial burden from the fire but thanks to family, friends and the kindness of strangers, they have pieced their lives back together and are moving forward.

I want to once again THANK each and everyone one of you who donated something, said or prayer or thought of them this past year. I also want to remind you that you really NEED to check your smoke detectors, do family drills to practice what is expected "if" something like this happens to you, and get an insurance check up. Renters insurance is CHEAP and there is no excuse not to have some. If you are a homeowner and you have tons of crafty things like I do, check about a separate policy to cover your crafty investment. Don't put it off until tomorrow, please!

ETA : Don't forget the FIREPROOF SAFE!! Also if you have firearms make sure when you invest in a gun safe they are fireproof AND waterproof, right Nick?!